The Blame Game

The oil is scheduled to hit the Florida panhandle by tomorrow.
A lot of people I know are up in arms over this. Mildly saddened, at the very least. As I scroll through my facebook newsfeed, I’ve got friends and family who are not happy with BP, and they are letting everybody know. And while I’m all about the villification of BP, I couldn’t help but notice how 90% of this angry facebook mob owns gas-guzzling SUVs and giant pick-up trucks. They live in the suburbs; they’re not haulin’ hay, and they don’t work construction, either. They drive to work 30 minutes away–alone–and they drive to the corner store they could have easily walked to. These same people were loving BP three months ago when they were pumping their F-700000s or whatevers full of gas, forking over $100 for a tankful and screaming "DRILL BABY DRILL!" the whole time.
I’m just sayin’.

You guys please note that I have nothing against people who drive big honkin trucks or SUVs, especially when they have a million kids or they live out in the country in a cavern in a canyon, or they’re constantly hauling stuff. I myself would love an SUV–I drive around with 3 kids absolutely crammed into the back of my Saturn and believe me when I say it’s no fun driving down the street much less all the way to town. I don’t even want to talk about what it’s like on the way home from a Sam’s Club trip.
But…supply and demand, right? We demand oil, they supply oil, and the cheaper it is, the better. I guess we’re all to blame.

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One response to “The Blame Game

  • barnyardmama

    I think it sucks, and no one in my family owns an SUV for the reasons you state. Oil dependence sucks. I do live in the sticks, though, so there’s that.

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