It’s a Great Day to be…30!

So. According to the always-accurate Wikipedia, the number #1 song in the Country during the week of my birth was…wait for it…Funkytown. Nice, eh? Don’t cry for me, though–feel bad for these poor kids whose "song" happens to be "Macarena", or worse, "The Thong Song". Happy birthday to me! I woke up today to text messages, voicemails, emails and facebook posts from my friends and family, and that’s a feeling that’s hard to top. I’ve officially kissed my 20’s good-bye, and today, my friends, I am 30.
I am once again worn-out. It’s been a long week. A long month. Quick list:
  • My brother-in-law Jason and his girlfriend, Sam, finally got married on the 9th–up here in Oklahoma! The wedding was held at the Dominion House in Guthrie and what a beautiful wedding it was. Sam looked like a princess. I am now the for-real aunt of Wyatt and Joey, 2 handsome teenage boys who never cease to make me laugh. And I finally have a big sister.
  • Ice-cream social last weekend in our neighborhood. We arrived about an hour late; ice-cream meltdown must have started about 59 minutes before that. Did a soggy paper carton full of mint-chocolate-chip soup deter any of us from partaking in the festivities? No. Of course not. And one hour later, I had little Mia out back behind the ice-cream tent, mega-puking her little brains out. We went home after that. And no one felt very good for the rest of the night.
  • Vacation Bible School is underway at our church. I signed up in a coffee-deprived stupor one Sunday morning; I am but a mere helper in a room filled with no less than 14 squeaky, squirmy little children, ages 2-4. Again I say, teachers simply do not get paid enough. Seriously, though, it’s fun. The kids are cute, the other teachers are amazing, and there’s a breakroom. With cookies.
  • My birthday: rocked. I got loot–mostly gift cards and gag gifts (always awesome). My husband, who was supposed to have been out of town this morning, decorated with streamers, balloons, flowers and a cake–and when I came back from VBS this morning, the house was done up in all of it, and he was waiting just around the corner to surprise me. We all had cake for lunch, opened presents and batted balloons around for a good bit of the afternoon. This evening we went back up to the church for a little Vacation-bible-school-family action, complete with rootbeer floats and a dwarf-miniature pony. Good times–and nobody threw up either.
  • The oil spill hit the fan today in Pensacola. Oil everywhere. Sugary-white-sandy beaches? Gone. Dolphins? Dead. Swimming? No go. That beautiful paradise that I call home? Destroyed. Economy? In the toilet. Environment? There are no words. Except maybe EPIC FAIL.

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