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Not sure why I’m updating seeing as how I talk to my family almost everyday; pretty much everyone knows what’s going on around here. Cheyenne is on her cruise with her father and his wife and their son and a bunch of other family members. I couldn’t reach her on her cell phone between the time their plane landed in Ft. Lauderdale and the time their boat took off, so now I’m having a seriously hard time because I know it will be Sunday before I talk to her again. I do not feel the need to mention how much I hate–HATE–it when she’s gone. Mia had a little breakdown the other night, too: "I jjjjust miiiissss Cheyeeeeeennnnneee!" So sad.
Mia finally lost her first tooth. It had been loose since, like, Christmas. Really. A grown up tooth had come in behind it, yet she still would not allow anyone to pull that dang tooth. Yesterday I finally told her (bribed her) to wiggle the thing until she got it out–and she did, sort of. It was hanging on by a thread, at which point I forcibly grabbed her head and gave that tooth a good yank. Bam. Out. After we went to the park, and after we got ice-cream, and after we looked at the fish and hamsters in the pet store (When I bribe kids, I don’t play), I got her home and in bed just in time for the tooth fairy to come and plant a cool $3.00 under her pillow. I realize that might seem a little pricey for a tooth, but first teeth are somewhat important. Anyway, Mia has been begging me to take her shopping all morning. I explained to her that $3.00 won’t go very far, and then she straight up asked me if I would just buy her something. Yeah. I know.
And if I weren’t missing Cheyenne so much, I wouldn’t be in the spoiling-my-kids-rotten kind of mood. So we’re going shopping. And I’ll sure enough buy that kid something.
Merrick is talking–and copying everything anyone says, and then talking some more. And singing. He is constantly making noise. It’s like someone turned on a switch all the sudden, and he will not be silenced. It’s cute, except for when he’s laying in his crib at 10:00 at night screeching "Mommy! Pleeeeeease come and rub my back, please? I want you! I’m sad! I miss you! I need you to rub my back and I’ll go to sleep! Can I have some juice, pleeeeease? Mommy! I love you!"
It’s cute. Really.
I’m reading this book called "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. It’s about having an authentic faith, and it is beyond great. Brutal, but great. Those "crazy Christians"? Starting to seem not-so-crazy.
That is all.

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  • barnyardmama

    I never think that crazy Christian’s opinions are nutty–it’s the execution that drives me bonkers. The idea of Merrick trying to entice you into his bed is so cute I can hardly stand it.

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