Year of the Baby

Good gravy, no–not mine! I gotta ton of friends popping out babies this year. It seems like every time I turn around, someone is pregnant, and now that I think about it, quite a few of them are having girls. You know–sweet, pink delicate little flowers, who, unlike boys, aren’t hell-bent on sprinting into trouble every chance they get.
Have I mentioned what a maniac Merrick has been lately?
Anyhoo. (Don’t you hate it when people say "anyhoo?") So far on roll call, we have a Harper, a Lucy, an Addison, A Henley, and a possible Emma. Another friend of mine polled facebook last night for "an old name that is not used much but is pretty." Assuming that Shirley, Glenda, Doris, Ethel, and Buelah have been ruled out, I instantly had a few thoughts, but I feel dirty talking about names since I am in no way, shape, or form pregnant. That said…
Lila Clementine Cora Alice Ruby Iris Irene Mary Marianne Evelyn Beatrice Adelaide Florence Clara Marguerite Nora Emmeline Cordelia Marilyn Violet Dinah Jessamine Susannah Hazel Josephine Claudia Francis Georgia Annabel and of course Millicent, but totally call her Millie.
Not that I have some kind of weird obsession with baby names or anything.
But you know what? I’m thinking that all girls do. Cheyenne and Mia both have their future daughter’s names picked out–husband’s (and grandma’s) opinions be damned. I can expect Anastasia Marie to make a grand appearance once Cheyenne is like, 40; Mia is dead set on giving birth to a little July (or Julylah, depending on her mood).
And what of Merrick? Well, we’ll see if he ever gets to that point. He just might be too busy being a daredevil to have children.
So. What are your favorite names? Come on. You know you’re just dying to tell me.

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