Go ahead and call this my comeback post. It’s been an awesome week and I don’t say that just because I found Barilla noodles for $1 per pack at Target. I’m totally referring to the Oreo Cakesters that were on sale. And seeing as how I’ve never tried Oreo cakesters, I figured we’d give them a shot.
They are sooo beast. As far as cookies go.
My mom had a heart surgery/procedure/call it what you will last Wednesday. I found out about it when my dad called to tell me that she had come through it just fine. So, thank you, Mom. You’re a better woman than I am. When the time comes for me to have surgery on…anything…I’m going to stalk my kids until they’ve heard so much of my nervous whining that they actually consider taking my place under the knife.
That’s just how I roll.
I’ve been a painting fool this week. No running themes, really, just random stuff that I forsee absolutely NO ONE buying. I’m seriously going to run out of room on my walls. I’m thinking it’s time to take a trip to Roxy’s Funky Art Boutique and trade out a few things–because no, my old stuff hasn’t sold yet either. Here’s my problem: MY art is too off-the-wall to appeal to normal people, and not off-the-wall enough for the real weirdos. You see my dilema? I suppose I could paint some kind of Kirkland-esque bullcrap art, but what’s the fun in that? I’d rather channel my inner Marilyn Manson. Maybe I could at least cater to some of these Twilight freaks.
I have been getting the kids ready for school slowly but surely. Cheyenne has band camp this week, every day all day, and that’s been helpful at getting everybody on some sort of schedule. Mia’s bored out of her mind and I am out of fun things to do…and energy. Her birthday is fast approaching and I have been given strict instructions as to what to buy: 1. Twinkle-toe skechers. 2. Red cowgirl boots–but pink will do. 3. Rainboots–the kind with the peace signs on them. 4. A black Barbie doll. Black as in, not caucasian. 4. Ken. Naturally. 5. A pillow-pet–the dolphin one. No, wait. The ladybug one. No, wait. There is no ladybug one. She likes the tiger one. And the dolphin one. Oh, the limit is one? Okay, then. The cat one. 6. Wand-o-rama. 7. Butterfly Habitat. 8. The cake mold that looks like a giant cupcake. 9. guitar lessons. and 10. a sleepover party with a cookie cake for her birthday cake.
Is anyone else a little surprised that she’d want a cookie cake and not a giant cupcake cake? And have you ever met a 6-year-old so obsessed with shoes? I also noticed that she wants a lot of infomercial stuff. This reminds me of the time she turned 4 and was bound and determined to get some Mighty Putty and some Aqua Globes.
Someone actually got her the Aqua Globes.
They worked.

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