Things I am looking foward to:
  • Our church is starting a food pantry. I almost peed my pants when I heard about it. Our town needs it so bad. Awesome? Yes. Yes, I think so. And I can’t wait to help.
  • Going to run a 5K in September with some chickies from church.  At this moment in time, the thought of running so much as down my driveway is crazy talk, but with 7 weeks to prepare, I think I can manage to get into enough shape to fail-jog 3.1 miles and not die afterward.
  • New Mexico in the fall. Not only are Caleb and I planning to hike, eat, and art-gallery our way through the Santa Fe area, but my sister has involuntarily volunteered to watch my kids and my dogs and make sure that my house doesn’t burn down while we’re gone. She and her husband and my super-cute niece are coming up a day or 2 ahead of time and I can’t wait for their visit. It will be the 3rd time in less than a year that I’ve gotten to see her–that never happens with family 4 states away.
  • Caleb is so close to finishing our storage bed. It’s amazing. I can’t wait to see what it will look like in our room. We’ve also refinished a small vanity/desk that used to belong to Cheyenne. The thing about this desk: I bought it at a Goodwill in Hinesville, GA about 11 years ago. I sanded it with my own two hands, cleaned it up, and painted it golf-course green. No idea what posessed me to do that. When Cheyenne was 7, we redid her room and Caleb went nuts on the desk with the white paint. This past weekend, we spray-painted it black and replaced the old wooden knobs with some shiny new silver ones. As of right now it’s finished, it’s beautiful, and it’s making a su-weet bedside table in my room.

I’m also having a good week because:

  • I didn’t wash my hair last night or this morning and it still looks okay.
  • I had a friend over for dinner, so I had to clean my house. Dinner was great, the company was fantastic, and my house is clean for the weekend. And by clean, I mean that the tv screen is dusted and jelly-fingerprints have been wiped off the coffee table. Sort of.
  • I painted a car. It’s plain, and red, and I love it.

Speaking of painting, it just occured to me:

  • The walls in the kids’ hallway bathroom are bright yellow. There are little chocolate-brown smudges all around the light switch. Now, I know that those chocolate-brown smudges are from actual chocolate on the kids’ hands, or they’re from my own perpetually-paint-covered hands. Visitors might take one look at those smudges and think otherwise. It is a bathroom, afterall. I should probably do some touching-up in that room.
  • I need to touch up just about everywhere. Two months ago, Caleb and I repainted almost every room in the house. Today I was walking around and noticed that every mark we covered up in May was back, with a vengance. I don’t know why we even bother.

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  • Joell

    I am making a feeble attempt at being back in the blogosphere. Glad to read that things are percolatin’ along with you and the fam. :-)

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