All I’ve Got.

This whole 5K stuff is going to kill me. My time stands around 37 minutes, as of Monday, and that’s with using every last little ounce of energy I have. My high school self would laugh at my present-day self. And then maybe spit in my self’s eye.
My kids are starting school tomorrow. Cheyenne will be going to (Holy Panic Attack, Batman!) high school, and Mia, 1st grade. Mia’s stoked about her new teacher, but mostly she’s excited to finally wear her new dress and twinkle-toe skechers. I haven’t checked out Cheyenne’s first-day outfit yet, but I’m pretty sure that fingerless lace gloves are involved.
Merrick has turned into one of those little boys I swore I’d never have. I won’t elaborate too much on that.
We had a friend over for dinner the other night. She tasted terrible so we ate spagetti instead.
Ha! I slay me.
Caleb’s been at a conference with work this week. I am to understand that these conferences are held so that a bunch of old farty men can get together and drink scotch and say stupid things. Caleb is one of the younger men, and so he gets to sit and listen as the old men belch "advice" to him. Sheer pearls of wisdom, I tell you.
I think he’s having a great time.
That is all.

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2 responses to “All I’ve Got.

  • barnyardmama

    Ahhh, the wisdom of conferences. I think it would be best if we changed the name to "excuses to drink" and be done with it. Love hearing about your redecorating kick. I’m on one myself. I can’t believe Cheyenne is in High School either–I feel like it’s going really fast.

  • Joell

    If I could run a 5k right now in 37 minutes, I would be ecstatic. My best time when I was in my best shape (mm, like 6 yrs ago) was 32:30 and I near ’bout DFO’d at the end. DFO is Southern fer Dun Fell Out. 😉 So you keep on rocking…remember your high school self was like 16 and your current self is, well, older. Just sayin.

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