My Fish is a Bum.

Just in case anyone else was wondering, coffee does nothing for a neon tetra fish. Nothing.
I tried adding warmer water to its bowl, but it started to go belly-up on me within a few minutes. So I quickly added more cold water, and the fish went back to its previous vegetative state. Nothing drives me more crazy than a boring fish.
Scratch that–I lie. We all know that I get stark-raving mad over pretty much anything. Especially this week–I don’t know what’s come over me, exactly, but I am frazzled beyond belief. I’m sleep-deprived and artistically frustrated. I feel like I can’t get anything done. What gives? I haven’t upped my caffeine intake, so no problem there.
Today is Friday, so I’m sure this weekend will give me some much-needed I-don’t-know-what. Rest? Sure. Time to paint? I hope so. I’ve got so many ideas; so little time. Some days I wish I had a studio; that way, I could paint and make messes and never clean them up. I could even have a designated space for my kids to paint. Holy strike of genius! I could even have an art-play-group! I could make awesome giant art projects with little kids. I can see it now–paint, as far as the eye can see. Paper-mache. Plaster, even. Canvassess–lots and lots of little canvasses with fingerprints and unrecognizable dogs, lopsided houses, and hairy automobiles. Does anyone else love little kids’ drawings as much as I do? One big, giant, paint-by-number mural…oh, man. One day. One day…

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