I Love You People.

I didn’t intend to write this week, but the response to my last post has been so overwhelming that I have to say at least one or two or eighteen things: You guys rock. You rock so much. It must be exhausting to rock so hard. I know how it feels to rock as you rock. And for all the effort you people put into your rocking, I thank you.

I thank you for the comments. I thank you for the emails and messages. I thank you for the phone calls and the encouraging conversations. I thank you for the invitations to tea or playdates or lunch or whatever.

Thank you to whoever nominated my blog for that thingy. Thank you for the nice description you so descriptively described. Thank you for voting for my blog.

I had no idea what a beautiful storm I’d be starting when I cranked out that last entry. I had 1–count it again–ONE–target in mind as I wrote, and as long as I could somewhat adequately convey what I hoped to convey to that one person, I would have been completely happy. I had no idea it would touch so many people on so many different levels. I had no idea it would make my mom and dad proud, or make my husband tear up, or move my long-lost friends to get in touch with me.

I’ve never had second thoughts about a post until that one; I gave you all the extremely edited, sugar-coated watered-down version of the true story. So much for my honesty, right? Well, I have this crazy goal of not getting my kids taken away from me. I debated hitting delete; now I’m glad I hit publish.

So. Thank you.

That’s really all I can come up with.

But, if you’re bored, you can go vote for me again.



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