Wore Slap Out, Part 134.

Today I am thankful that Mia and I are sick. It gave me a good excuse to drug her and myself up last night and sleep for 10 solid hours. Plus, there’s no 7:45 a.m. knock-down-drag-out arguement about getting her hair combed and pretty before school.

Mia’s at that age now where Mom is not fit to do her hair. I can’t brush it right and I certainly can’t style it whatsoever. Lately she’s been wearing this neon orange headband with every. Single. Outfit. And I think it goes without saying that she picks out her own clothes. I stopped fighting the good fight a long time ago. It’s just not worth it to me, though I do hope her teachers realize that, no, I did not lay out the navy-and-white polka-dotted skirt, the pink-and-brown fur-trimmed hoodie, and the black biker boots she sports 4 out of 5 days.

Merrick is doing fine, living the 2-year-old life. He has lost his fondness for intermittent screeching in favor of one long, steady stream of scream. So far he has not been shy in sharing his newfound gift with the world.

Gosh, I miss those days when I could take him out in public.

I am planning on doing a booth at our town’s big Christmas celebration the first week of December for my name signs and paintings. I will most likely be in seclusion for the next 2 weeks in order to get ready for this event; my hope is that I get a few custom orders for the name signs and maybe sell a little painting or two. I’m excited; I love going into seclusion. Caleb? Not so much a fan. When I start painting, it really cuts into my cleaning. And my cooking, and my parenting.

And my showering, and my brushing my teeth and my getting dressed on a daily basis.



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One response to “Wore Slap Out, Part 134.

  • Laura

    I absolutely love your blog Toni! You are such a funny girl and you make me laugh every time I read it. I am so glad that you are going to have a booth at the festival. Just blame it on me and say I twisted your arm and made you. Sorry Caleb! If your kids and Caleb get too hungry send them down the street my way. I am sure we can find something that resembles food in our pantry! 🙂 Laura

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