God Bless My Car’s Precious Little Heart, Part II

Well, if you’ve seen me over the past 24 hours, you know that my death trap Saturn is now fixed.



We picked it up yesterday morning with a brand-new rear wheel hub assembly (whatever THAT is) firmly in place. Funny thing? My power locks were miraculously working. That is interesting seeing as how we disabled the power locks since they constantly triggered the anti-theft system–you know, conveniently killing the battery dead in its tracks whenever I went to start the car. Why did it do that? Well, I don’t know, but it’s better than before, when they locked and unlocked at will, draining the battery of its beautiful lifeforce…

Again with the digressing.

Automatic locks worked. Blinkers? Not so much. And that wouldn’t necessarily pose a problem since I am into hand signals while driving–but then there’s that whole thing with my windows not being able to roll down without getting off track and falling into the door. Anyway, no sooner had we pulled back into our neighborhood, we turned around and had them un-do whatever it was they did to the locks. And let me tell you how sweet the people at this place are: they only charged us $100.

On top of the $300 we had already paid.

Can you say “Only 1/10 of what a new car would cost”? I know I can. Only I am refraining from doing so, because I am trying to be full of grace and dignity and patience and humility and gratitude, and because there are women in Africa who are thanking God for shoeboxes…only a few people I know will fully understand where I am going with that sentence.

All of the sudden, I feel very ashamed.

I am most certainly not entitled to a new car.

I pray that God will give me that grace and dignity and patience and humility and gratitude I thought I had.

Besides, I was kind of embarrassed driving that convertible camaro, looking as awesome as I did. My little green car is up and running, and I have more than I could ever need.


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