January: It’s Here.

Check out my sparkly balls.

This project came about when Mia asked if she could decorate the house for New Year’s Eve. Now, I hate to see talent wasted on stringing up something straight from the store, and I’ve always wanted to hang a giant branch from the ceiling, so I blamed the idea on Mia–Caleb couldn’t possibly turn her down. “What’s that? You want chocolate cookies covered in chocolate syrup for dinner? Anything you say, sweetie!”

As you can see, he was thrilled beyond belief to participate.

And Mia? Could not care less. She’s busy watching Despicable Me in the picture. (Sidenote: Despicable Me? Best. Movie. Ever.)

We went to Hobby Lobby fully intending to pick up silver and gold glitter only–and naturally we came out of the store with silver, white, aqua, and red. I spent most of the afternoon getting creative with styrofoam, wire, modge-podge, and glitter. The kids did not actually help me, unless you count dousing the entire kitchen with glitter helpful. In that case, they went above and beyond when they proceeded to track the glitter through every room of our home. Glitter is everywhere. Seriously, not a day goes by here lately that I don’t walk out of the house sparkling like a cheap hooker.

But to sit under this every morning and eat my cheerios? Worth it! 

Christmas around here was great–spent pretty much the entire week holed up indoors with a cold that just rocked Merrick’s world. Yeah, he was technically the only one with symptoms, but lemme tell you–when the 2-year-old is sick, the entire house suffers. We watched a lot of movies and took a lot of naps. Thankfully, everyone seems to be all better now.

2011 is off to a fantastic start. It seems like I was just saying that about 2010–seriously, it went by like BAM! THAT JUST HAPPENED! And in 12 months’ time, Caleb and I will be settled firmly into our 30’s. We’ll be the parents of a 15-year-old, a 7-year-old, and a 3-year old. The kids are growing up and time is flying by so freaking fast. I have a few goals for the new year–some personal, and effective whenever I feel like it–others, more pressing. Like reading a book aloud, as a family, together, at least a few nights a week. Or taking more family bike rides, or doing crafts that require obscene amounts of glitter. Or enjoying those quiet mornings where me and Merrick share our french toast with dinosaurs:

Because life is just too short not to hang sparkly balls over your kitchen table.


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