Yet Another Day in January

It’s so freezing here that I might as well be going to the bathroom outside; the toilet seat is ice-cold.

So, I’m a little busy with the paint these days. Name signs, farm silhouettes, vintage dinosaur art…it’s so awesome to be me sometimes.

I’m looking around our house and I realize we have another artist in the family–Mia. I can’t walk 2 feet without one of her brilliant crayon-on-computer-paper drawings dazzling my line of sight. We’ve got alligators, Super-Why, rainbows and what appears to be a leprechaun, Santa Claus, and several abstract pieces, all heavily accented with teddy bear stamps and stickers. She has even taken the liberty of cutting out about, oh, a hundred paper snowflakes and taping those up to every door (bedroom doors, closet doors, cabinet doors, etc.) It’s true–she is quite prolific. But still, even with all these magnificent works of art taped up all over the place, I have to say I love her signs the most. Examples of her most recent work include:

  • “By Mia: I like redand red is a rily rily coolcolor beacase it is my cool color RED! But why ist it your favrit color? I just like it! by Mia, the end.”
  • “Welcome to Mia’s camp, the camp is called camp hazlnit log, home of the best camp in the world, Mia’s camp.”
  • “Dear Daddy, I love love love love love you so much because I just can’t standit because I love you! I will alwyas be your little grille and I love you!”

I’ll never take those signs down. They give me a little chuckle when I’m feeling sad and flu-y. It seems like at any given point in time, someone in my house is sick. We have come down every little thing this year. I guess I can be grateful that we’re sick in the winter time, when it’s too cold to be outside much anyway.

Random thing: a friend of mine posed this question on her facebook a few days back: What was your child’s other name–the name you almost used but didn’t for whatever reason? And so, because I know you guys are sitting on pins and needles, I will go ahead and answer this in blog-form.

  • Cheyenne: Well, to be fair, I was 15–I had a lot of people counting on me not to pick something stupid. I threw Lucy and Daisy out when my family and everyone else in my collective world gaped in horror at the mere thought of naming a modern child one of those names. Cheyenne’s dad was rooting for Shania or Ambrosia. It goes without saying that they weren’t exactly on my short list. We toyed with Lacy and Brianna, and then I became really fixed on Taylor, but I compromised with “Cheyenne”, which kind of sounded like Shania, and it seemed so unique…so Cheyenne Taylor she became. Looking back, I wish I would have gone with something else. The girl so defies everything I pictured a “Cheyenne” would be. Every couple months, she’ll get on a kick and beg me to let her legally change her name–so far she’s wanted to be an Elle, a Rae, a Caprice, an Anastasia, and, most recently, an Ivy. And while the thought of my Ivy Caprice table-dancing her way through college makes my stomach turn, I can at least sleep at night knowing her name is not Shania Ambrosia.
  • Mia: When Caleb finally came to terms with having a daughter (instead of a son), he pitched the name “Madison”. Hard. What the poor schmuck didn’t realize was that there were about 50 Madisons in Cheyenne’s 2nd grade class alone. I liked Lucy. He threw up in his mouth. I suggested about a trillion other beautiful names over the course of 9 months–nothing really stuck. We were in a baby-naming standstill when a  friend of ours confessed her love of the name “Mia”. At that moment, Caleb and I looked at each other, and we just knew: we were going to straight-up steal that baby name. It was perfect then, and it’s perfect now. I seriously cannot imagine her with any other name.
  • Merrick: As I documented in May of 2008, Merrick’s name was up in the air until the very last minute. Even as we drove to the hospital, Caleb’s shortlist included Xander, Cole, Jackson, and Duncan, as well as Marek, Marrick, Marick and Merrick. I don’t know if he felt rushed when he blurtled out our son’s name 2 seconds after his birth, or if he was truly inspired. I was happy. Merrick’s an adorable name. I get compliments on it everytime I say it out in public. Caleb will still say he wishes he’d gone with Duncan…but as long as our kid wasn’t saddled with names like “Riddick” or “Wolverine” I was fine with whatever.

And so there you have it. My kids. We could have named them all Turdface and I would love them just the same. What were your kids’ other names?


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3 responses to “Yet Another Day in January

  • Michele

    Toni – i LOVE reading your blog. It makes me smile so big – even chuckle out loud a few times!

    Or course, I didn’t have any say in Braxton’s name. Weird, huh!!! Madilyn is such a Madilyn, but I really wanted to name her….oh gees, I can’t remember! I seriously can’t remember what I wanted to name her. Aaron was dead set against it, which only made me want that name more! I’ll have to get back with you….

  • Miranda

    Hayley was always a Hayley. Way before I was PG.

  • Katy

    Baby names are fun! You know, I’ve got FB friends with a Lucy and a Daisy–you were just ahead of the curve!

    I remember when you were pregnant with Merrick and you’d typed the name as Marek on your blog. A few days later I saw it spelled Merrick and thought, “I HAVE to tell Toni.” Well, of course I forgot and then SURPRISE! you spelled it that way. I thought it was perfect.

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