Cabin Fever

Quick: Mia is sick. It took forever for me to finally get through at the doctor’s office and make her an appointment. Last thing I need is a little kid with strep throat or the flu or ebola while we’re snowed in this week…again.

Is it wrong for me to be excited about another winter storm? I know people are going stir crazy, and believe me, I’ve had my moments…but I just seriously love the way snow looks.

And I have developed an unhealthy addiction to hot chocolate coffee.

I have gained, like, 20 pounds this winter.

True story.

We’ve gone from watching talking animal movies to obnoxious Disney channel movies. The height of cheese came when I had to sit through High School Musical 2. Oy.

I had a weird dream last night that we adopted a 16-year-old cheerleader who was twins with her own mother. It did not work out. And then I dreamed that Merrick married a Chinese girl, which was cool, except that she only married him because he got her family really good deals on tires.

I am feeling significantly disturbed today.

Oh, Caleb and I were temporarily possessed by pyschotic aliens, during which time we signed up to coach Mia’s softball team. We then spread the word and recruited 5-6 kids, so I think that means we’re locked in now, and today, I’m stressing a little over it. I coached a kids’ soccer team once and believe me when I say I was under-qualified in the patience department.

Well, I had better go. I’ve got some cleaning to do before our busy afternoon of doctors appointments and supply runs. Plus, I’m missing “Camp Rock 2: Final Jam.”

Here are some pictures of our indoor and outdoor escapades over the past week or so. Here are a couple of the t-shirts we painted:

Fun with snow:

Fun with Borax:

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