Because I am Slightly Homesick Today.

You Might Be from PENSACOLA if……..

Know that a Blue Angel is a pilot, not a heavenly being.

Know that a bushwacker is not some kind of tool or something perverted.

Don’t even give a screaming roadside preacher a second glance.

Accept that you are the only people in the country that toss mullet AND eat them.

Know which bathroom to go into at McGuire’s Irish Pub.

Pour your margarita out on the boardwalk to avoid Pensacola Christian College students.

Know that when traveling on I-110 you get static over the radio when the “Hot Doughnuts Now” light is on at Krispy Kreme.

Know these street names in order and know they are actually the same road: 1. Saufley Field Road, Michigan Avenue, Beverly Parkway, Brent Lane, Bayou Boulevard, and Perry Avenue is one road. 2. Mobile Highway, Cervantes Street, Scenic Highway, and Highway 90 is one road. 3. Hwy 29, Pensacola Blvd, Pace Blvd, Barrancas Avenue, Gulf Beach Hwy, Sorrento Rd. and Perdido Key Blvd is also one road.

Eat fried mullet.

Cried when you learned that J’s Bakery was closing and you celebrated upon its reopening.

Think a graffiti covered bridge is actually a local landmark instead of a vandalized eyesore.

Kissed the moose.

Start most of your directions by saying “turn left at Jerry’s Drive-In”.

Must drive on at least three roads undergoing construction wherever you go.

Still call the corner of Garden and Alcaniz “The Sheraton”.

Believe everyone should pull over for funeral processions.

Know that when arriving in Gulf Breeze from the 3-Mile Bridge, you immediately do the posted 35-mph speed limit and honor that speed limit through Gulf Breeze.

Have gotten a speeding ticket in Gulf Breeze.

Prefer county commission or school board meetings to WWF Smackdown because there’s more action.

Would never drive to the beach to the Blue Angels show, preferring to go by boat instead.

Arrange your social calendar around Blue Angels weekend.

Think the four seasons are “almost summer, summer, still summer and Christmas.”

Know Roy Jones has a chicken house.

Call Scenic Highway “The Bluffs”.

Moved back to Pensacola more than three times.

Have been asked to join every world religion while enjoying an evening in Seville Square.

Attend summer concerts in the park, enduring blazing heat and 98% humidity.

Know the correct pronunciation of Texar Drive and Reus Street.

Still call Perdido Beach “Gulf Beach”.

Know at least 3 people involved in the Sandshaker scandal.

Have witnessed at least 5 cars running a red light at any given intersection.

You own a generator and have a year’s supply of water and gas stockpiled for next year’s hurricane season.

Remember when Pensacola Beach didn’t resemble Beirut.

Continue to rebuild after every hurricane because, “why would you live anywhere else”?

Know where to go when someone says meet me at the sea shell.

Gone to Alabama to buy illegal fireworks.


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