Half-way Through March. Seriously.

Bedroom Overhaul update: The bunkbeds are up. Both kids have slept–in their beds, in their room–each night for 2 whole nights in row. The dresser situation was solved when a generous friend of mine called and said I could straight have one that was sitting in their barn, taking up space. Caleb picked it up the other night and it’s perfect–6 drawers, solid wood. I hope to get started sanding it down this weekend; I thought about painting it red but Mia votes for lime-green, and frankly, I’m excited about that because I’ve always wanted a lime-green dresser somewhere in my home. (Excited also because, with this color choice, the girl is showing the early signs of awesomeness.)

My head is spinning with ideas for artwork in their rooms. I decided to keep the painting of a red car on a green background, but that still leaves a lot of empty wall space, which, as always, makes me ever-so-happy.

On a sad note, the crib is still up and it breaks my heart to know that when we take it down, it will be forever. I go in there during the day and stare at the empty crib, and I rub my hands across the rail…and sigh.

My babies are growing up. Like, super fast.

Softball: we’ve had 3 practices and I could not be more pleased with the way the girls are playing. This year they’re throwing straighter, and farther. They’re catching with confidence, and they’re batting with the pitching machine better than I expected they would. We have 10 players and I’ll tell you right now that most of them are already pretty darn good, and the others show some serious potential–they get better and better with every practice–just really athletic girls, hard-working and enthusiastic about the game. Practices have been long and we’ve been running them pretty hard; for the most part, they’re troopers, and we’re having a good time.

Today is my mom and dad’s 33rd anniversary. That’s roughly 5 X’s as long as Caleb and I have been married–I am absolute awe, because being married? Is friggin hard sometimes. But, congratulations Mom and Dad. I love you guys. Happy Anniversary!


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2 responses to “Half-way Through March. Seriously.

  • Joell

    Aww…so Merrick has graduated out of his closet crib? Seems like you just had that baby! Sounds like you need to post some pics when you get all that decorating done!

    We love us some softball too! Emma has her
    first scrimmage of the season tonight. Should be fun!

    • Toni

      Ha ha Joell! Not many people know about the closet crib–that lasted only 6 months before it was the middle of winter and freezing cold in there!Another fond memory that I can cry over when we put that thing in the attic once and for all!
      I am expecting a blog about Emma’s softball and Jacob’s learning to drive from you very soon. 😉

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