Holy Panic Attack

Song I sang today at the top of my lungs in the car: PM Dawn’s “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss.” Disturbed? Let me kick it up a notch by saying that it wasn’t on the radio. I may or may not own that song.


Mia pointed out the other day that she’s almost 7. I had to stop and think at that point–7? August is just around the corner! And what’s worse is that Merrick will be 3 in May, and I won’t even mention how Cheyenne will be (gulp) 15. And then Mia kindly reminded me that I am almost 31, afterall. I’m okay with that–but when she went on to state that Caleb turns 34 in July, I got a little dizzy and I thought, “Whoa. My parents used to be 34!”

So I’m behind on picture updating. Here we all are at the Monster Truck show that went down in Oklahoma City back in February. We don’t normally spend the money to do things like this; however, because Merrick is obsessed with trucks and because Cheyenne and Mia both showed an interest in going, we splurged–and it was money well spent, because the entire family, from the 2-year-old little boy to the surly teenager to the mommy who hates loud noises, had the best time ever. Freakin’ blast we had.

Merrick totally slept in Caleb’s arms for the first hour we were there:

Mia is 100% smitten by this dashing little boy at school. How do I know? Well, other than the obvious (talks about him all. the. time, chases him on the playground, etc.) I found a note in the backseat of my car intended for her crush: “Do you want to be Mia’s boyfrind or frind? Sine hear please. Thank you and give this nowt back to Mia. Thank you.”

Way too stinking cute.

Should Caleb and I be more worried about our 6-year-old than we are about our almost 15-year-old? Possibly. Cheyenne was never so bold. Part of me is concerned because I have a feeling we’re in for a wild ride with little Miss Mia. The other part of me is still too busy dying laughing over her spelling.

The girl loves her some horses. And a few weeks ago, thanks to our awesome friends Houston and Sheila, her wildest dreams came true and she actually had the opportunity to feed and brush and RIDE a real horse. And though they don’t come close to showing how much in heaven she really was, here are some pictures of the day she still can’t stop talking about:

Most of the other pictures I had were a little blurry. Mia did get to ride solo at one point. Thanks Houston and Sheila!

Alright. Well, it’s Wednesday which means it’s time for me to get last Monday’s to-do list accomplished. I’ll be back sometime soon to show off my new-old lime-green dresser with some more of my cruddy photography.


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