Bubble-Free Zone

I am in a great mood. I finished my bible study, and I managed to understand a good 75% of it. It’s cold and miserable outside but that just means I have at least another whole week before I have to worry about my lack of good spring shoes. And yes, I have a million errands to run, but my son wants to cuddle with me on the couch and watch the Karate Kid Part II, and I feel certain that’s because the utter perfection with which I can execute Peter Cetera’s “The Glory of Love” cannot be denied.

I’m a little sad that my bible study is over. I love our quiet Tuesday morning girl talks and coffee and muffins. I love all the nice ladies who always have the nicest things to say and the best advice to give. I thank God everyday that we were led to this town, to this church, to this wonderful, supportive group of people. I just love them because I feel like I’m at home whenever I’m with them, and I always feel stronger when I leave them. And I think that we all went away from this particular bible study with a different outlook on church, on church life, and on life in general.

So. Interrupted–my bible study–wrapped up quite nicely. There were 5 sessions to it. To start out, we had to first check our motives and figure out just what it meant to be poor, and just what it meant to be lowly, because unless we truly understood or cared, we would not reach those people.

Basically, if we want people (rich or poor) to listen and understand and take seriously our “good news”, we’re to quit running our mouths so much and start acting like Jesus, start showing people Jesus by our example. We have to genuinely love and care for people (in our communities and in our country and in our world) before we get all religious on them.

And here’s me summing up so forgive me if I butcher this here lesson: The church does not exist soley for me as a believer; it is the result of believers worshipping God and serving together and it benefits the world, the hurting and the lost. Boom! Winning. So–me: get out of my comfort zone, my “bubble”, if you will, and concern myself with loving people like Jesus would. God: handle the details. Sounds like a plan to me.

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One response to “Bubble-Free Zone

  • Joell

    I love how we both love to sing out our cheesy 80s music. You get me.

    Also, I have to say I am a little jealous of your Bible study. I used to always be in one when the kids were younger and I have missed it so much! It is so awesome to connect with other ladies and learn from them and they learn from you and you both grow together.

    By the way, I totally agree on your take of what church is for…so many people show up on Sunday morning and say, “okay, entertain me, now!” And that is just so NOT what it is all about.

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