Painting…and not much else.

Hello, spring? You’re a little cold for this time of year, aren’t you? Wanna warm it up just a bit? I’m sort of in need of exercise and it’s not exactly motivating me when you’re cranking out temperatures of 35 degrees or below every morning. Yeah. If I have to put on so much as a hat, I’m not walking outside–or inside for that matter. You can find me curled up in cozy sweats and a fuzzy blanket, sipping my hazelnut coffee like my life depended on it. If I’m energetic I might stand up and paint for a while. So yah, enough with the frigid weather.

Painting–coincidentally this is what I’ve been doing a lot of the past 2 nights until 1:30 a.m. (I will not mention how absolutely dead I feel the next morning when the kids wake up at the crack of dawn.) It all started with this:

No, I haven’t read the book (are you kidding? I’ve got enough on my plate what with having to brush my teeth, like, everyday, among other things), but when I saw the cover of it, I was instantly inspired. I love grungy circus stuff–it’s strangely pretty, no? So far I’ve done 2 paintings, acrylic on wood, roughly 13in X13in each, and I am LOVING THEM. And because I have no idea where the camera cord-connector thingy is, you all won’t see them until I remember to ask Cheyenne where she keeps it. (Her camera, her cord.) But yeah. So, so excited.

And now, back to painting.


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2 responses to “Painting…and not much else.

  • Katy

    Gosh. Everyone is talking about that book–I guess I should put it on my list or something.

    I also hate to go out when it’s cold. It’s better here in Louisiana, but in Ark and Tex, I would hang out in sweats for months.

    Can’t wait to the painting. I love the giraffe one that you ended up killing, so I’m sure these will be great as well.

  • Joell

    I like your book cover inspired paintings…I am reading the blog posts backwards, so I saw the paintings before I knew their inspiration.

    I would also like to say that IF you ever put the paintbrushes down for a couple of days, pick up that book! I read it a few years ago and LOVED IT!

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