The Cross Guy

Okay, I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “Catholics can be Christians–and so can Southern Baptists!”

(insert sound of chirping crickets.)

Well, I thought it was funny.

Something else I saw this week? This guy:

Here we have Chris Ziegert of Oklahoma City and his son Caleb. And yeah, that’s a gigantor cross behind him. And yeah, he’s been carrying it.


On the highways, in the hot sun, on city streets, on country roads, in Hollywood, in Atlanta, in Israel. This dude’s been all over the place.

I had seen him and his son trucking that cross down a busy highway earlier on in the day, and of course, I, being both 1) curious and 2) goofy, was instantly intrigued, and if I hadn’t had to get Cheyenne to an eye appointment, I might have stopped right there and talked to them.

But I didn’t. And I wondered about them all day. And 5 hours later, as I was driving the last mile back to my house, there they were–taking a break off the side of the road. Boom. I pulled over.

He looked hot and sweaty, and tired, but he was smiling like he’d been at the spa all day. His voice was raspy and strained, and I’m guessing he’s a lot louder on days when he doesn’t carry a cross. I asked to take the picture. He and his son posed next to the cross that he built himself, and we talked for a few minutes.

Mr. Ziegert first started walking crosses about 3 years ago. Actually, he had built one for a friend when someone suggested delivering the cross by way of walking it to him. And he never stopped.

Mr. Ziegert doesn’t actually have a set plan, except to go wherever the Lord leads him. On this particular day (which by the way, was Caleb’s first time walking), they were going from Norman, Oklahoma in hopes of making it to their destination of Meers, Oklahoma by Good Friday.

I probably don’t have to tell you why Mr. Ziegert does what he does. “I hope that people don’t see me; that they see the cross,” he so humbly told me before I headed back to my car.

And really. Just in time for Easter–that gigantic cross, rolling down miles of highway in the hot sun, is a fantastic reminder of what this week is supposed to be all about.


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One response to “The Cross Guy

  • Joell

    I love this! We have a cross guy in my town too! I see him at least once a week and I am always touched when I do. I have never stopped to talk to him, but now I just might!

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