Every Man for Himself

Well, hello. How is everyone? Me, I’m great. You know, just muddling through the end of the school year. Snorting crack cocaine, depriving myself of sleep and overall good health just to get everything on my to-do calender accomplished. That sort of thing.

Pretty much in survival mode right now so forgive me for this half-assed super quick update.

Mia’s softball team finally had their first game last night. I was so stinking proud of them I almost wept openly. Though they didn’t win, they played so great. It was almost as if they had been practicing for 2 and half months straight. Oh, wait…

A few highlights according to me?

  • When my little first-time ball player/right fielder so excellently caught a grounder and threw it straight to first; she was into the game and totally focused–and it proved she had been paying attention at practice afterall! 
  • When my other first-timer got a hit–which let me tell you, is no easy feat because that pitching machine really zings those balls.
  • When my “heavy hitter” got a home run–an actual home run, not the kind you get because the infielders keep dropping the ball, but the kind where you hit the ball and the outfield has to chase it and you make it around the bases. It…was awesome.
  • When Mia straight caught a ball and threw it straight to first who also straight caught the ball. A basic play. But I’m her mom–what do you want from me?
  • When my son dropped his pants in the dugout and relieved himself next to the bats, 2 ft away from his audience of cackling 7-year-old girls…and their parents.

Coaching? Can be excruiciatingly stressful. But we have the BEST group of parents and I might as well just list our team as having about 10 coaches. They all help at practice. They all work so hard. They are all so supportive of the girls.

And all the girls are so cute in their little red white and blue uniforms.

In other news, I had an amazing Mother’s Day weekend. Cheyenne was on a band trip in Washington DC, but she remembered to call and talk to me for 2 minutes, so that made me feel important. Mia’s class put on a sweet little Mother’s Day picnic on Friday and showered us moms with beautifully hand-crafted pictures and original writings and poetry. Here’s a clip of Mia’s mad fill-in-the blank skillz: “My mom’s favorite tv program is Geeata at Home.” and “All day when I am at school, my mom is tired and sad.” And my favorite: “She is the best mommy in the world because she loves me and she’s awsum.”

Best. Day. EVER.

On Saturday, Mia and I went out for pedicures. Turns out, pedicure places on Mothers Day weekend are about as easy to get into as…well, I’ve never been anywhere super cool, so just think of a really exclusive club and compare that to our pedicure non-experience. She was bummed when we were turned away by the 3rd nail salon we visited, but I cheered her up by taking her to Claire’s and buying her an annoying stuffed animal.

Sunday morning, I…woke up early to my beautiful little children all snuggled up cozy in my bed, cooing “Happy Mother’s Day” in unison. They were so cute it was almost creepy. My husband cooked breakfast before we went to church. Came home, worked in the yard a little, hung out, talked on the phone, and went to the park. Good time had by all.

I can’t really think of much else to talk about since my brain is fried from too much May. Hope everyone else is surviving as best they can during this time of year.


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2 responses to “Every Man for Himself

  • Katy

    All those kids that can remember to throw to first are ahead of me. If I do manage to catch a ball, I immediately freeze in confusion–what next?!?!

  • Joell

    Awwww! I love the cute little girl teams too. By the time they get to Emma’s age some of them can be a little too hard core for me, but the littluns are fun to watch. I am glad your girls are having fun! AND that you don’t have a bunch of crazy parents! LOL. Glad you had a nice mother’s day. 🙂

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