We Will Have Our Glory Day in the Hot Sun.

Here’s some random words that I’m just going to throw out there: softball tournament. heat. bees. heat. lethargy. cussing problem relapse. heat. ripping out my own hair. swollen fingers. heat. sunburns. mosquitos. ice. heat.

Wore slap out.

We ended up losing two games in our tournament this weekend, though (I thought) we played pretty hard. Caleb was beside himself last night after we lost our first game, wondering what we could change up. How can we be fair to all of them? How can we make it so no one is at the end of the batting lineup in every game? How can we arrange it so that no one girl is playing right field all the time? How do we keep all the parents happy? How do we get these kids to pay attention? Is there a magic formula involving positions and batting lineups that will guarantee us a win? After some phone calls and some feedback, he chilled out enough to sit back and watch The Office with me before we went to bed…around midnight.

Today, I was the one who was probably more discouraged. I just wanted these girls to taste sweet victory this weekend. Instead, it was 95 degrees in the blazing hot sun, we had one girl get stung by a bee in the first inning, one girl who just about broke her hand playing catcher, and almost all the kids were fielding in slow motion (or slower.) The only thing anyone did fast was drink water. At the end of the second inning, we were losing by 7 points–what a buzz kill. We came back a little in the third inning with some good hits and 4 more runs…but we still lost and I think everyone was just ready to get out of there at that point.

And you know what? I still don’t know what we can do differently. Some girls just are not going to pay attention. Some girls have to be in the infield to stay focused; some girls simply have to play outfield or they’ll get whacked in the face by a ball they never saw coming. Some outfielders really, really want to play a base. Some of our best infielders would rather be out in the middle of the grass. What do you do?


I think today I’ll just sit with my feet in the ice-cold water of the kiddie pool while I brainstorm some awesome softball drills involving water balloons. And work on my jacked-up tan.

Have a great weekend, computer people.


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One response to “We Will Have Our Glory Day in the Hot Sun.

  • Katy

    Gosh. Wish I had even one smart thing to say, but when I was seven my mom took me out of softball when I got distracted by the yelling in the bleachers, turned around while at bat, and got hit in the head. Some of us were not meant for glory on the field 🙂

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