Free Water

Picture me yesterday as I am decorating the little kid classroom for vacation bible school. Wait, first, picture me actually signing up to teach vacation bible school to 15 little kids ages 2 through 4. Then laugh, and then go back to the decorating frenzy I found myself in at 6:00 in the evening.

I forget where I was going with this.

I signed up/hesitantly volunteered/got suckered into wrangling small children for the next five days. My friend Libby and I are supposed to sing with them, do crafts (ha ha!) with them, read to them, all the while teaching them something about God and how much he loves them. I was actually looking foward to this week, until yesterday when I started to freak out.

So. I’m diligently working on my “Main Street”-themed classroom just outside the door. My friend is running around, laminating stuff and cutting stuff and everyone one else was pretty much doing the same, up and down the hall.

Read also: no one, including me, was paying attention to their kids, who just happened to be hanging out in my classroom. Like, 6 feet away from me.

I was in a zone until the second grader, who must have thought I was in charge, came to me and said, “Can you get me some more paper cups for our free water stand?”

“Oh, yeah, sure sweetie.” I reached into the cabinet and handed her about 3 cups.

“Um, gonna need the whole pack, probably.” she says, as she quickly fills the cups with actual water from the actual sink.

“O….kay….” DING DING DING DING! Alarm going off in my head. I turn towards their free water stand, which is basically a giant cardboard box, expecting to find 4,5, maybe 10 half-filled cups of water.

The girls started to yell, “Free Water! Come and get it! It’s free! Free Water!” And I felt like I was in a horror movie as I walked up to the box and peeked inside. What we had there was a case of Atlantic Ocean in about 80 flimsy little paper cups, each one filled to the brim with, oh yes–actual water from the actual sink.

I almost laughed, until I realized what a precarious situation we were all in. “Guys, we have to dump this water.”

“Uh! Why???”

“Because it’s going to spill, any minute now. You see all the little kids running around? What if they knock into the box? What if they jump in the box? Then the floor will get wet. The carpet will get moldy. And anyone who sits on it will have moldy-bottom for the rest of their life.”


We saved some of the water, but the rest we had to dump. I guess it was funny after it was all poured down the drain.

We finished decorating the room around 8:30 that night. Really, I think a good part of the time we spent there was cleaning up after my own kids and basically organizing things for today. And after a quick hyperventilating session last night, I’m back to being excited. This VBS week is going to be so totally epic. We’ve got a real park bench outside the classroom, loads of sweet decorations inside the classroom, toys, crafts, delicious snacks, cool music, and the best (and clearly, the most viligant) teachers any 3-year old could ask for. These kids are going to learn about Jesus and that’s pretty much awesome any week of the year.

Plus, hey–there’s plenty of free water.


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