Here’s the Church, Here’s the Steeple…

Here’s the door, and here’s the million tons of kids.

VBS is going really good. We’ve had about 18 kids in our classroom, and each day gets easier and seems to go by faster than the last. The kids are so sweet, and they always say something funny or do something cute. I love seeing them make friends; at the beginning of the year, they all just sort of played beside each other and never really interacted except to argue over a toy. Now, they’re building block towers together, coloring, giving hugs to each other. It’s touching. And there’s only 2 days left. I hope even a smidge of what we’re trying to teach them is sinking in. And I’m so stinking exhausted at the end of every session. I don’t know how teachers do it. Really.

My mom and my sister Jenny and my niece Reese are going to be here on Friday. I’m only starting to stress a little bit. Honest. Today I went out to get new filters and a new belt for my old vacuum cleaner. As I’m standing in the aisle calculating how much that’s going to cost, I realize that for only $30 more I could by a brand new vacuum. So stay with me here: My current vacuum did not only not suck, it stank. It left behind an odor so foul in every room after I ran it. So, I could fork over $48 in new filters and belts, and the stench would be toned down for about, oh, a week, (See this here cash? Watch me chew it up and swallow it–DELICIOUS!)

Orrrrrrr…I could just spend $80 for a brand new (but similar) vacuum; it wouldn’t get as overworked as the last one, since the dogs no longer hang out in the carpeted rooms of our house. (I broom the living room and kitchen areas where their crates are kept.)

Our new cheapo vacuum sits in its box in the hallway. Merrick is so excited about it that I wonder why I didn’t just get him one for his birthday. He can’t wait to open it, to turn it on, to vacuum with it. He’s obsessed. I also bought Mia a pack of new white socks. I’ve never seen a child so happy. My kids are so wierd.

I have 1 and 1/2 days to clean my house so that it passes the mom test. It’s laughable, really. What’s she going to do–leave? I can think of a best case scenario, and that’s me not doing a darn thing over the next couple days, which will throw my mother into a cleaning frenzy 5 minutes after she arrives. BOOM! Everyone’s winning.

I better go bust out new vacuum.


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