Woo Hoo!

People of the computer, I ask you: what’s better than being awesome for thirty years?

Being awesome for 31 years, that’s what’s better.

Today is June 23rd, also commonly known as the Most Wonderful Day of Toni, The Day of Toni, The Best Most Awesome Day of the Year, and also, Toni’s Most Best Awesome Day Which She Kindly Shares with the World.

I woke up at 7:30 this morning to a birthday card tucked next to my pillow, courtesy of my amazing husband, who, over the years, has been schooled in the fine art of making my birthday great. In addition to the card, I found a sea of balloons, and wall-to-wall streamers in the kitchen; he must have gotten up at the crack of dawn to achieve the effect. As I sipped coffee in my new coffee mug on my back porch, with my mom by my side and Merrick fighting with my niece Reese over sidewalk-chalk, I thought, “Oh what a lucky girl am I.”

Plus, I am going to the circus today.

I’m pretty stoked about that. I was almost too excited to sleep last night. Ever since the po-dunk circus came to our little town last year, I’ve been obsessed…with going to a bigger, better circus in the city, where elephants stand on each other and you have to pay to park.

I’m kidding. I mean, the po-dunk circus was really fun, actually. I’d go again in a heartbeat–it’s just that the kids got free tickets to go to the Ringling Brothers circus in Oklahoma City and well, that is the stoff which a circus enthusiast’s dreams are made of.

This has been a really, really busy week. My family is visiting. Normally, that would pretty much say it all, but I have stories to tell, so here goes:

Friday was the last day of vacation bible school. It…was awesome. My mom and my sister Jenny and her daughter Reese made it up here in one piece, my house was clean, I made food.

Saturday we went into town so that my folks could check out Roxy’s Funky Art Boutique, where, as it turns out, I had just sold several paintings. Score! Sunday, we went to church, and Monday, my sister passed out in the bathroom.

It sounds funny now, but seriously–she passed out. Cold. Wouldn’t get up. Crazy stuff. We had to call an ambulance and everything. She had just sort of come to when they arrived, and they checked her out while Caleb and I tried to distract the kids, who were crying their brains out at that point. Reese was crying hysterically and would not be comforted no matter what we did–Merrick quickly calmed down when the police officer who came over showed him his patrol car and let him operate the sirens and the radio.

Jenny was fine. We took her to the emergency room later that day, just to be on the safe side. They basically decided that the heat had done her in; she hadn’t been drinking water, could’ve been severely dehydrated, hadn’t eaten anything that morning. So, really, a combination of things. But this heat–this Oklahoma heat–is so decieving. In Florida, you walk outside in the summer and instantly you start sweating. It’s so humid; no fool in their right mind would want to go for an hour-long bike ride at say, 3:00 in the afternoon. But here, where the wind is blowing and the air is dry, 104 degrees can feel not so bad. But 104 degrees is 104 degrees…

We had such wonderful friends that were ready and willing to pray for us and help us in whatever way possible; to them I am so grateful and I remember all over again why I love this small town. Thankfully, my sister was back to normal in no time; we’ve been running all over the place for the past 2 days–the arcade, the waterpark, ballgames, etc. It’s been hectic, but fun.

Tonight we’ll have cake and circus; tomorrow, my family has to leave, which of course is sad, but they’ll probably be ready to get back home after this crazy week in Oklahoma.

So that’s the update. Hope everyone is having a wonderful 31st Annual Day of Toni.


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