Hotness, Escapees, and Selling Things to People.

I like to think I’m not much of a complainer; I’m more of a complainer-hater, which totally makes me a hypocrite, and I know for a fact I am a hypocrite-hater as well. So where does that leave me?

In central Oklahoma, complaining about the 100+ degree weather. After several days of these kind of temperatures, with no end in sight, I think I’ve earned the right to whine, just a little, about the heat. Plus, my car’s air-conditioning system is a joke, 2 of my windows will not roll down, the other 2 are touch-and-go, and I have vinyl seats. Whaaaaaah.

And now I’m done.

But seriously though–it’s hot. I’ve resigned myself to 5 more days of sitting inside watching stupid movies like “The Princess and the Pony” on the Wii. We’ve done playdoh, legos, Barbies, babies, books, puzzles, and boardgames. At this very moment, Merrick and Mia are on actual bikes riding around and around the living room. I don’t care that they’ve managed to ram into every piece of furniture we own–they’re entertained and that’s what matters most right now.

Last night I went for a walk/slow jog around the neighborhood at about 8:30 p.m. Usually I would do it earlier, but it was just so hot….oh, and there was a homicidal maniac on the loose mere miles from our house. I was sort of scared to go out until I knew he had been caught; when I did finally come back from my walk, Caleb joked, “So did you see the maniac? They actually hadn’t caught him at all. He’s still out there.”

“Whatever. You’re such a liar. They so did catch him. Besides, I’m so fast, I’d be able to outrun him if he tried to chase me and kill me.”

“Oh, okay. You’re fast. You’re about as fast as a one-legged elephant.”

“…was that a fat joke or a slow joke?”


Is my husband supportive or what?

Today, I am cleaning. After that, I might see what kind of painting I can get done. The kids have been out of school for over a month; I’m just now beginning to feel like we’re on break. We’ve been so busy. I haven’t painted anything in what feels like ages. The paintings I do have out have been doing pretty well at the one little store I’ve been taking them to. I’m seriously at a point where I need to open an etsy site. Problem: I have not had the time to just sit down and figure out how to make a kick-ass page on which to sell my stuff. So, knowledgeable people of the computer, if you have any advice, please, get in touch with me!

That is all.


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