Well, he finally did it. I knew it was just a matter of time; Merrick mixed playdoh colors.

Oh, the horror.

Mia is not happy. I, however, am quite dazzled, and a little jealous–brand new white, blue, red and yellow, all squished and twisted into this beautiful swirl of crisp colors…then torn apart into what I can only assume is supposed to be pepperoni, and then artfully arranged in a spiral pattern on the back of a circular circus poster.

My son is an creative genius.

I wonder if I can say the same thing about the bowl of stale popcorn kernels he just dumped all over the living room floor?

I’m trying something new this week: sharpie drawings on plain wood. We’ll see how that goes; so far I’m not impressed with anything I’ve cranked out.

Some good friends (and huge supporters of my art) have asked for a special project, and it involves painting  human figures–not my strong point. I’ve pretty much avoided them altogether ever since having to repeatedly sketch naked people in art school.


Yeah, so, any people I’ve drawn recently have been intentionally cartoonish. I’ve started coming up with some sketches in pencil and charcoal, and I’ve been pretty satisfied with those–I could sketch all day long. I’m just not sure how I’ll handle getting the sketch to the canvas. I always feel like my drawings are fine by themselves; I just botch them up when I bring in the paint.

I’ll keep trying; I may or may not need to bring in (fully clothed) human models for this one.


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