Ah, July. You Fantastic Month, You.

Today I woke up at 6:45 to the start of another migraine and Smokey’s puke covering the living room floor in front of his crate and the living room wall behind his crate. I’m calling it puke because I can’t bear to think of it as anything else. Looks like we’re going to have to repaint again. Poor dog; I think the Casey Anthony Verdict made him physcially sick.

What the feng, shui? People with large indoor dogs–surely we are not the only ones that this sort of thing happens to? Do you all just have tile walls and marble floors that you just hose off from time to time? Or does everyone have nasty carpets and hairy furniture? I’ve banned the dogs from the carpet; they haven’t been allowed to get up on the couch since 4 years ago, when we got a new old couch that didn’t smell like dog. They sleep in crates just so they’re not marking their territory all over the house in the night. And yet, they still find ways to make gigantor messes that practically require semi-remodeling our house to get rid of. I love them, I do; you’d think that if they felt the same way about me, then they wouldn’t projectile vomit all over the wall.


In other fun news, the brakes in my car went out yesterday–I thought maybe they melted in the 100+ degree heat. Luckily I was just outside my neighborhood, so I made it home by driving no more than 5 mph and then coasting up the driveway. I called my husband immediately, and we tried something radical, like checking this dohicky for some sort of “brake fluid”–and it was as dry as a bone. Caleb then phone-talked me through adding more of…that stuff…to the little thingamajig; and, fingers crossed, I think things are good as new again.


I do apologize for my rant yesterday in regard to the Casey Anthony trial. I took it down because it seemed a little angry; plus, after thinking things over, I’m sure the jurors did what they could. As turns out, you have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone is guilty of murder (who knew?), and the hard evidence just wasn’t there. Whatever. Oh well. That girl might not be in prison for the next zillion years, but she sure won’t have a normal life after all this. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I’ve got the urge to go to have a real Oklahoma experience this weekend, like a watermelon festival, or a rattlesnake roundup, or a noodling championship tournament. We’re not traveling really, this summer, so I thought maybe something cool or weird here locally would make for a great “daycation”. Would it be super awesome if we could sleep in a teepee somewhere? You know it. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some research to do.


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  • bellaball

    Too funny – have the same problem -dog hair! but guess what I’m getting a new sectional – and it’s going to be covered in dog hair the next day I get it! So what’s the secret in getting them to stay off the couch?????

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