Work in Progress

I spent a little time yesterday organizing my blog (blorganizing? Bloganizing? Organblogging?) into categories. I’m nowhere near done, but I did effectively put into place 2 categories that were significantly important to me: God blogs and craniosynostosis blogs. I can’t tell you how many people google “my baby has craniosynostosis” and wind up at my site. I hate for those people to have to wade through 5 and a half years’ worth of pointless ramblings about ninja dogs and zombie apocalypses, so I handy-fied my page and put in the craniosynostosis category. Now strangers can easily read about the diagnosis and treatment of our son’s craniosynostosis, and about how the months leading up to his surgery almost landed me in the looney bin and my husband in the ground.

 You’re welcome.

The God stuff is there, but…be warned. I’ve added posts that were written years ago, before I was really keen on the idea of church. Some of them are heavy on cusswords and bad attitude. I just thought it was interesting to show my mindset’s progression. If God can get me to stop cussing in my blogs (blussing? Clogging?) then He can seriously do anything. But you already knew that.

I’m considering other categories. Torturing my children, conspiracy theories, movie reviews. A vast majority of my posts have been about my dogs driving me crazy. My art projects might actually require their own website.

And now I am leaving lest my children break something while they’re riding their bikes in the house at the speed of sound.


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