Not Helping.

God straight-up totally called me out yesterday, and he said “Toni, you need to stop listening to Kesha and Flo-rida, like 2 years ago.”

The devil in me absolutely writhed in agony, right there in the pew, and I ran through my mind for reasons why I should be allowed to listen to my beloved booty music for the rest of my life. I thought, “But God, there’s no way! Name one Christian song that’s as catchy!” But then there was God: “Don’t know, don’t care. It’s not right–you know it, and I know it. Stop now.”

So I am.

In my defense, I get it honest. My mom’s favorite song of all time is probably “Who Let the Dogs Out”. I’ve been listening to pop music ever since my ears could hear. And my ears only hear Kesha music when my kids aren’t in the car, which as you know, is rare…but, to be perfectly honest, at that point, the kids can probably hear it anyway, from 5 miles down the road, because I be blarin it.

I got told in church that we fill up every single minute of every single day with something; and that something we choose is either cool or not cool with God. (Pastor quote of the day: “You don’t just remain spiritually neutral.” Jinkies.) So guess what God probably thinks of a song titled “Take It Off”?

Sigh. Guess I’ll be cleaning up my playlists this week.

I also learned a little about being prepared to hear from God. This shouldn’t be a foreign concept to me, since I did a bible study about it just last year; but I’ve since then forgotten mostly everything and I feel a refresher course coming on. Samuel–little boy that worked in the temple, heard God talking to him in the middle of the night, kept bugging head priest Eli, finally went back to bed, got still, and just listened–that guy? He was ready to hear from God. He was only a kid, but God chose him–not the priests, not anyone else–to deliver messages and eventually pick out a king. Why? Because all the older dudes were letting other people and other things get in the way of their relationship with God.

Clutter, distractions–in modern times I guess you could say we have a lot of things to distract ourselves with (examples: music, TV, facebook). I’m the world’s worst for coming up with junk to keep me from having to get down to the nitty gritty–being still and listening have never exactly been my strong suits. I love stuff. I love doing stuff. I love watching stuff. I love playing stuff. I love listening to stuff. I just have to make sure all that stuff is not counter-productive to God’s plan for me. Whatever it may be.

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  • Hilary

    I gave up pop music for Lent (and only listened to Air 1 and another local Christian station) and have never really gone back. Occasionally when Livy’s not in the car, I’ll flip to a pop station, but I find myself pretty uncomfortable with a lot of the songs now! It was a tough change though!

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