So today we had a hundred drops of rain fall out of the sky. That’s still not enough to keep our yard from looking like a cross between Afghanistan and the surface of the moon. Our small town needs rain in the worst way. If I’m right, it’s been since at least April that we’ve had any decent amount, not counting the May 24th tornado that came through and brought–guess what? No rain.

I’m not so worried about my grass giant area of crunchy straw and red clay. But I tell you what–when the aquifer runs dry and all our wells stop pumping water on demand, it won’t be my window that gets a brick thrown through it. Sprinkler man exists–and he literally waters his lawn from sun-up to…sun-up. I kid you not.

He is the picture of courtesy and conservation.

Last night we went to the lake. Yeah, that’s right. We just straight up went to the lake. Some friends called at 5:30, and by 6:08 we had our dogs crated and the kids packed and in the car, ready to go. Honestly, it was impressive. We’ve never had that kind of get-up-and-go as a family of 5. But it’s been over a month and a half of 100+ degree temperatures, and the promise of a wave runner on cold water was just too big of a temptation to pass up. Plus, we really like our friends. So off we went.

I’d been to the lake once before–almost 7 years ago, when we first moved up. Caleb and I drove out there for no reason one day except to see what we could see, and all that we could see was this dingy dirty brown body of what we could only assume was water. “Yuck nasty. Surely people don’t swim here?” I remember saying.

And before you Oklahoma people get all huffy, keep in mind that we had just moved here from Florida. And not just any Florida–northwest Florida, home to THE most beautiful beaches in the whole wide world.

So I’m a bit of a water snob.

My kids have never had swimming lessons. What’s to swim in? The kiddie pool? I don’t even own a real bathing suit.

We drove about 30 minutes away into this beautiful wooded area. Giant lake(brown), loads of cars and tons of people on the shores–sitting there, with towels and chairs and coolers–just like they do at a real beach! And guess what? They’d been swimming all day, in the water! Bathing suits, floats, sunscreen–the works.

I don’t know what I expected–maybe to stand in the woods on the edge of the lake somewhere and occasionally stick our feet in while we waited for a turn on the inner tube? No. I walked my kids down to an actual shore, and let  actual waves hit my feet, and before I knew it, we were all chest-deep in the actual (cold, calm) water of the lake.

And it was glorious!

School starts in 4 days. Seriously, how has it just now occurred to me that people can actually go swimming at a lake just like people swim at a beach? I mean really? For the rest of my days I will thank our friends for introducing us to the glories of a lake. I love the lake! I want to go to the lake everyday now. It’s so on. And when Mia and Cheyenne go back to school? Merrick and I will go by ourselves! Bring on the dirty shore and that brown water! I love the lake! The lake is the best!

There was a whole bunch more things I felt like writing about, but now that I’ve brought up the lake, my mind can think of nothing else, and I wouldn’t want to bore anyone.

I love the lake.


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