Before You Ask.

I love the town I live in. It’s amazing how fast people check on someone in trouble. Yes, that’s my Saturn stuck up at the school. Yes, my phone chose today of all days to start showing its age (5 years old, never had an issue with it, up until the exact moment my car broke down. Wild.) Yes, a friend drove us home. No, I didn’t have a key to the front door. Yes, another friend brought me my garage door opener that I had left in my car. Yes, Caleb is getting home this evening.

Right after he fixes the flat tire on his own car!

What a day. I’m not even worried about my car because I plan on locking myself in the house and crying for the rest of the weekend in order to recover from the past 3 hours. I am beat down. And yet, I know it could be way worse. Like, we could be cold and starving in a country run by ruthless gangster warlords. We could be in the path of a Cat 4 hurricane. And of course, there’s the whole zombie apocalypse scenario.

Thank you to Lynette and Libby and everyone who called to see if they could do anything to help. I so appreciate the concern and I definitely feel the love. I heart you, Tight-knit community of Small Town Oklahoma USA.

And if you’re reading this and you’ve ever wanted to set a car on fire, by all means–have at it.


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