Pinching Pennies and Being Awesome

My husband is picking out my new cell phone at a Verizon store in Tulsa as I type this.


So that’s exciting.

I’m a bare-bones kind of gal. Only not by choice, but that’s okay. Free flip phone? Check. ’97 Saturn? Check. Last season’s choice flats from Payless? Double-check.

I think the word you all are looking for is jealous.

And laugh all you want, but while everyone else forks over hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in bills every month, I’m taking my wad of chunk change and I’m buying hot pink nail polish at Walgreens, and I’m able to pay for my kids’ school lunches in nickels and dimes. (Pretty sure the cafeteria ladies love me.) So there.

Something else that’s super cool and free? Skippy little scarves made out of old t-shirts. I think they’re awesome, and so should you.

For a while, I planned to keep the secret of the scarf to myself. But it’s just too neat an idea to hold inside for any longer than 48 hours. Plus, I’m a giver. So here’s the link to the video tutorial:

Now you, too, can look like me–all fashionably cheap.

You’re welcome.


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