The Inevitable

I gotta fever.

And the only prescription

is tylenol.

So anyway. I think my whole family is getting sick. We’ve all been feeling a little bit funky, a little bit run-down, and so it was only a matter of time before one of us woke up with a temperature.

Whatever. It’s fall, it’s chilly, and Merrick spent an entire hour yesterday licking the playground equipment at Chick-fil-A. Sickness is just a part of life 11 months out of the year…although sometimes I wonder if my kids shouldn’t be immune to everything after rubbing their tongues on any surface they can reach with their face. I might have to give their technique a whirl, because having a fever sucks.

What doesn’t suck is that my Mia was a bright shining star in her second grade play last night. I love watching school plays, because my kids are so beautiful. I guess other kids I know are beautiful too–but who can pay much attention to anyone else when your own kids are epically pwning their lines (which may consist of as little as 3 words)? I must say, I love the way school plays are done up here in Oklahoma–I think almost every kid has a speaking part at some point. When Cheyenne was little, she was thrown into a background choir of 100 other children, while a select 4 or 5 kids had an entire script to memorize. If Cheyenne hadn’t had such an angelic face and a voice like a golden bird, the whole thing would have been a waste of time for me to sit through. Sigh. I love having amazingly talented offspring.

This week is an especially bad week to be sick–I am in the process of getting everything ready for Saturday’s craft bazaar. Oh, didn’t I mention it? I’m putting together a bunch of random stuff to sell at a booth that I’m sharing with my friends. With our powers combined, we will be offering cute little aprons, cute little dresses, cute little hats and cute little clothes. What am I bringing to the table? Um, wreaths (long story) custom name signs on canvas, other random signs on old wood, children’s paintings, and those t-shirt scarves that I got so excited about a while back. See? There’s something for everyone.

After the craft thingy, it will be time to go home and get my kids ready for trick-or-treat. So–totally looking foward to that, because if you thought my kids were awesome in regular clothes, wait until you see them in full Halloween attire: Mia as a princess, Merrick as a fireman. They are going to be balling out of control in the sweets department. I, for one, look foward to carefully managing the quality and quantity of the candy they will so righteously score. I would mention Cheyenne’s Sue Sylvester costume, but methinks she’ll be ditching us for her group of friends that will no doubt be shamelessly begging for candy in a number of neighborhoods around town, taking hours to get  the same haul that Mia and Merrick will pull in about 20 minutes. Mwuahahahaha.



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One response to “The Inevitable

  • Joell

    Well, dang it! There goes my theory that more cow bell is the cure for stuff. 😉

    Sorry you are feeling under the weather, girl. Hope that tylenol works fast.

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