Let The Little Children Have Cool Rooms

I’ve got a new painting project in the works and this one’s going to be neato folks: Miranda, who has been reading my blog since…the same year I started writing my blog, has asked me to paint a little something for the room her daughter and son will soon share. I’m stoked because 1. Yay, a fan of my art! 2. She’s thinking bright colors, and 3. She wants the actual moon.

Miranda is cool. She’s one of the best moms ever and she’s been so totally devoted to her daughter even before the kid was conceived. When her son is born I know she’ll only double up on motherly excellence….if her head doesn’t explode from over-exposure to pure cuteness. She’s messaged me pictures of ideas relating to style and color and I can tell that we are on the same wavelength as far as all that’s concerned. I’m really looking foward to this painting.

I love art for children. I really do. I wish more people would realize that we can decorate kids’ rooms with cool stuff other than the pastel-y pink-butterflies-and-rhinestones-for-girls and blue-camo-trucks-for-boys crap that Target tries to shove down our throats. Parents of the world, unite! And branch out! There’s no reason we can’t decorate the kids’ rooms in the same supremely awesome way we do the rest of the house.

I’m not knocking people’s decorating decisions. I’m a huge fan of Hobby Lobby. I just appreciate the thoughtfulness and creativity it takes to make every room look truly unique. And kids like bright colors and animals and moons and stars and dinosaurs and robots! My guess is that they like the other stuff too, but let’s expand their minds while they’re too young to care what everybody else has on their walls.

And, okay, you guessed it: I’ve got issues. My childhood room was fraught pink flowers and fancy lacy things and porcelain dolls that weren’t for touching and glass figurines collecting dust on too-high-for-Toni pink shelves. Maybe I’m rebelling and that’s why I haven’t officially decorated my kids’ rooms.

What? Are you disappointed? It’s true. My kids’ rooms aren’t exactly…done. They’re more like a holding ground for paintings I don’t know what to do with quite yet. Cheyenne’s walls are a daring grape color accented with a giant puppy-in-a-shoe decal hanging over her bed. The walls in Mia and Merrick’s room are now, by order of the husband, a boring light tan. I did get my way when Caleb agreed to hang a large-ish painting of a bright red car on a lime-green background above their desk. I’d take a picture of the room but their beds are never ever made and I can’t remember the last time the floor was picked up.

Here are a few dream paintings I’d totally hang in a child’s room, provided I had the time to paint them and I could get my husband to not have an opinion ever:

I'm in love with the kelly green vase over there. I'd paint my whole house kelly green right now. If I weren't afraid Caleb would make me eat my own head.

This is art fresh from Barbie Land, and Barbie Land? Is really hip and cool. I'd stick this sleeping blue chihuahua painting over my couch anyday.

This is the exact color of Cheyenne's room. So it's only fair that she buy me a couch-bed such as the one shown here. Oh, and the painting's rad, too.

I love word art. I love that this is written in chicken-scratch. I love that the shape of a lemon has been incorporated into such a classic piece of advice. Does that send a message? A kid would have a lot to think about while drifting off to sleep under a painting like this.

I guess my point is you can create a really kid-friendly room without having to go all cutesy or matchy-matchy. Like, one day, when I actually clean Mia and Merrick’s room and finish “decorating” in there, it will be the happiest place in the house. And Cheyenne’s room will be so cool that I’ll ask her to trade with me.
She will of course say no, so I should probably get started on my own sleeping chihuahua wall mural if I want my room to be finished by the time I’m too old to remember how to paint.

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