Nature, you scary!

Let me introduce you to the book that has changed my life:

I’ve already told many of you about how I’ve recently seen the light. This good book has given me inspiration and direction. My children are rising up and calling me all kinds of blessed, thanks to the addition of recipes like “Lemon Pull-Apart Coffee Cake” into my cooking repertoire. This morning I made an apple-cinnamon version which sent Mia and Cheyenne both into fits of heavenly delight.

My name is Toni–Baking Mother Extraordinaire. I cook yummy stuff now.

We’ve had some crazy bidness going on here in Oklahoma, and I am of course referring to earthquakes–real ones. So far we’ve had 3 in the past several days. My dogs have acted freaking weird before each one–restlessness; seemingly pointless random barking; nails-on-a-chalkboard whining sessions. As a matter of fact, they’re wigging out right now and it’s driving me bonkers. I’m starting to wonder if I need to grab Merrick and stand in a doorway or something.

Anyway, I’ve only felt one of the earthquakes–Saturday night at about 10:30 our dogs started in on their maniacal barking. We reminded them of how silly they were being, and then let them outside to go attack thin air. About 10 minutes later, we heard a big rumbling sound and our light fixtures and blinds started rattling. The whole house shook and I knew at once it was an earthquake, because I am smart. The shaking lasted only 15-20 seconds or so. The kids stayed asleep and the dogs calmed down. Caleb and I were slightly rattled (ha!) but not enough to keep us from realizing the utter coolness of the situation.

And I’m sorry–I know earthquakes cause horrible damage in other parts of the world, and I am a little ashamed for thinking that the ground trembling beneath my feet felt kind of awesome. I probably wouldn’t be so excited if we were to experience anything stronger than what went on that night. We did apparently have another earthquake last night at around 9:30, which we did not feel but our dogs must have sensed, because they were antsy as hell around that time.

In other, better news, Merrick is. NIGHTTIME TRAINING. You read that right–my little boy is eating, running, playing, and now sleeping, in his Lightning McQueen boxer shorts. He is done messing around with pull-ups, and for the past 4 nights he has stayed completely and utterly dry. It’s great; really, it is. I will not cry because my baby is growing up. I will be goshbustified because now we have an extra $20 a month that we can put to Chick-fil-A, or earthquake insurance. I haven’t yet decided which is the more important option.

So, I can cook things now. We live in a perpetually thrilling state, and my last kid just got done with diapers. Life is good.


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One response to “Nature, you scary!

  • Joell

    Aw, girl, I’m so proud! I remember when you were burning stuff!! I think I need this book.
    Remarkably, we here in SC live on a fault line as well. We have had us a couple of minor earthquakes. As for CFA vs earthquake insurance? No brainer..CFA all the way! Woot!
    Yay for Merrick! (and his mama!)

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