Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Merrick this morning: “Daaaaaaaaaad.”

Caleb: “Yes, son?”

Merrick: “I want another sister.”

Caleb, choking on thin air: “What? You have a sister.”

Merrick: “No, I mean I want a boy sister.”

Caleb: “A brother?”

Merrick: “Yeah. A brudder.”

Caleb: “You want mommy and daddy to make you a baby brother?”

Merrick: “Noooooo, dad. I want you and mommy to go buy one at the store and put it together.”

Me: “Where are you going to put your baby brother?”

Merrick: “We can hang him on the wall.”

Me: “Oh. Sounds about right.”

Merrick: “Yeah.”

Me: “What is he going to eat?”

Merrick: “Peas, mom.”

Me: “What is his name going to be?”

Merrick: “Purple-y hoptoad Sammy.”

Me: “Naturally.”

I just had to write this real fast to demonstrate once again how hilariously cute my son is. We’ve been watching Fat Albert cartoons on Netflix and so Merrick’s been running around the house belting out “Hey Hey HEY!” He plays in his room with his toys and his own imagination. I love it. I love him. I love Caleb for helping me “put him together.” If I could have a million more boy sisters just like him, I totally would.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of the other story I should have posted today. Happy Friday!

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