I’ve got a project going on in the bathroom.

And that is fixing the toilet which won’t stop leaking after Caleb, of course–not me–must have knocked it while slaving away over the other project we have going on in the bathroom.

Pinterest can be a husband’s worst nightmare. I saw this crazy-cool board-and-batten idea on there several months ago and it’s taken me this long to convince Caleb to take a whack at it. I had to appeal to his buildy, manly, needs-a-big-new-tool side, plus promise him miscellaneous favors related to, but not limited to, how I won’t be singing “Get out of my dreams, get into my car” out loud in the house anymore.


So, here’s the befores of the kids’ bathroom, in all its fugly glory:

And here is the After:

Nice, right? Soothing even. Plus, with this new handy little ledge that my husband built that I painted, we can get the toys off the floor, which leaves much more room for activities:

Sir Pig fits on the ledge.

Sir Pig and Momma Doll fit on the ledge.


Sir Pig and Momma Doll AND Mater, amazingly, ALL fit onto the ledge.

 I did just put toys on the ledge, take pictures of them, and upload them onto my blog. I should probably not be left alone at home ever.

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One response to “Honey-Do

  • Joell

    It is my opinion that a little Billy Ocean is never wrong. So, I say, Sing On!! And LOL @ the graphic! Did you do that yourself? Buahaha!

    Kudos on the awesome bathroom re-do! Wish I could get my man to be more handy. He just is. not. handy. Sigh.

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