Custom Project Reveal

Well, I can’t hold this one inside for very much longer.

When my blogging friend, Miranda, asked me to paint a little something for her daughter and son’s room, I was, of course, overjoyed; mainly because it proved Miranda was real, and not one of the hundreds of thousands of fake people that live only in my computer.

Also, I like to paint. Painting’s my favorite. Which is great, because my plate is full–with custom orders. Score-ito! Now I will not be bored this holiday season.

Miranda has great taste. I know this about her; she and I have been reading each other’s blogs for years now. She’s a huge fan of Christmas. And frankly, that’s all I need to know.

She messaged me a few pictures to draw inspiration from, and my squeaky wheels started turning pretty much instantly. Something with brighter, bolder colors. Something with music, with the moon, with the woods–with a boy and a girl. Maybe animals. What did I come up with? Something amazing. Thanks for the opportunity to paint something for your precious family, Miranda! Here’s the sneak peak:


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