Tis the Season

I think perhaps I misled people by grinching out on my last post: I love Christmas. Evidence? My tree. It’s been up since the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Also? I want to design my own Christmas cards this year. I’ve got artwork:

I just don’t know where to go have it printed out. If you’ve got recommendations I’d love to hear them.

Ah, winter. Right now we are battling strep throat–again. That dang Cheyenne, constantly bringing germs home. She’s always sick with something. I woke up today feeling pretty crummy–no sore throat but I am running a fever, which wouldn’t be a big deal except that I was tentatively planning to catch up with a high school friend of mine who just happens to be in OKC until tomorrow. Terry was so stinking cool in 1998 and guess what? She’s cool now–so she definitely makes it onto an elite list of “People From My Brutal Teenage Years Who I Actually Give a Crap About”. But unfortunately, sick kids + sick mommy = week shot. It also equals peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwiches for dinner until we run out of bread.

And then it’s hotdogs and yogurt, or whatever we have in the refridgerator.


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