New Routine

I feel like I don’t write anymore.

Obviously that’s not true because, well, here I am; but I think I can honestly say I’ve tapered off on the posting here recently. And it’s cause I’m busy. Clearly. I’m so busy that I can’t even remember all the stuff I’ve been doing. There is one thing, however, that I’ve been raring to talk about for the past few weeks, though, so here it goes:

I’m babysitting.

Contain your excitement, if you please.

This opportunity presented itself to me through a mind-boggling chain of events. I won’t even go into detail but it started with me chattering my brains out to a friend over the phone and that always gets me in trouble. This time it got me hooked up with a little boy who has always held a special place in my heart. And now, he has a special place in my home.

In my living room. No, the bathroom. And in the kitchen. And under the table–no wait! Behind the couch. Where did he go? Oh snap! Is the door locked and deadbolted? Where did he go now? He’s on top of the bunkbed. He’s in the closet. He’s in the living room again. He’s super fast.

I feel weird using some other person’s kid’s real name live on the internet, so I won’t…but I will tell you that soon the world will know his name, because he is…so. fast. For now I will just call him Flash Gordon.

Have I mentioned how seriously fast–and strong–this kid is? He is known church-wide for his mad speed and impressive evasive techniques. And I think he’s awesome, so that’s why I agreed to watch him everyday.

We’re having fun. He and Merrick are about the same age, they play pretty well together, and they accept me as something of an older (and way cooler) peer who knows how to pour apple juice without spilling. Every weekday, we color. Extensively. We eat a delightful lunch of broccoli, string cheese, and pbj sandwiches. We play with cars and trucks and dinosaurs and robots. We race around on the playground outside. Then we pick the girls up from school. Then we repeat the process until Flash Gordon’s granddad comes to pick him up. And so far, we’ve had a really great time together.

Merrick is still making an adjustment as far as sharing me (he’s doing better) and sharing his toys (he’s still not a fan). Merrick’s attention span is a bit longer than Flash Gordon’s; for now, I’m letting the new guy set the pace, which does wear Merrick out by the time 5:00 rolls around–it’s fine. Mainly because Merrick’s been sleeping solidly through the night and I am so down with that.

The picture I’ve painted is rosy–but I know the reality is this: Flash Gordon will try my patience. Flash Gordon will exhaust me physically and mentally. Flash Gordon will inadvertently help me lose some weight. At some point I’m sure I’ll have to have a come-to-Jesus preschool-style talk with both Flash Gordon and my own Merrick, because with their powers combined, they have the potential to KILL ME. Probably.

Overall, I feel very optimistic about babysitting this running boy who will surely break records someday (if he hasn’t already.) I don’t know exactly how much time I will have with Flash Gordon, but for now, I’m loving our little routine. He seems to be enjoying it, too.

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