Woo Hoo!

Monday in January. Many people consider it to be one of the most depressing days of the year. I spent my morning at the DMV with an antsy 3-year-old boy and a head cold straight from the black pits of hell.

My day though? Could not be better. I’ve got a skip in my step and the joy joy joy down in my heart, for two main reasons: 1) because nothing satisfies like knowing Jesus and serving the Lord with all of your heart, soul and mind, and 2) I’ve got an awesome secret–a secret that only a select few people know at this point in time. (*silently screams with glee and bites fist in excitement*)


Back to my day at the DMV. I’m sure this has happened to everybody, but I’ll go ahead and tell my story. I get there at 9:00 on the dot only to find out that the place has been swarming with people since 8:30. I wait patiently for my turn, I walk up to the counter when my number is called, I take care of business, and I’m told to visit any tag office to finish the process of renewing my expired liscense. No problem there.

All’s well at the local tag office, too. I’m seen in a timely fashion. I pay my $22.50 and I stand in front of a blue screen for my photo. I settle into a pose that I just know I will look amazing in, when all of a sudden, a woman who looks ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE ME–50 pounds heavier, pale skin, tiny eyes, flock-of-seagulls hair, contorted facial expression–comes barging in the door, yanks me by my arm, and takes my place against the blue screen. She stares blankly into the camera and VIOLA! My driver’s liscense photo is taken. I beg–can we reshoot? Is there a photoshop option available? Do ugly ladies frequently bumrush people renewing their liscense?

It’s not exactly fair, but I suck it up and deal with it. So I’m carrying around a driver’s liscense with a picture of someone who’s clearly not me on it. Big deal.

I’ve got an awesome secret, and God is watching over me (everywhere except the tag office). Nothing can ruin my day.

Or my week. Or my year.


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