Courageous and Pears

My husband is so sick when he’s cute. Or so cute when he’s sick. Works both ways. He’s been down (with the same exact funk I had a few weeks ago) for the weekend, watching non-stop episodes of “Hogs Gone Wild” and craving–get this–pears (or some other kind of succulent fruit–his words, not mine.)

We are just not pear-people, folks. I don’t know that I’ve bought one pear in our married life.

So guess who went to the store yesterday to get a mango and one of every kind of pear to see which one Caleb likes the best? It wasn’t his momma.

I can’t help it–he’s so gorgeous even when he’s hacking up a lung.

We watched “Courageous” last night with Cheyenne. So many discussion points on this one, like “What do you think a good parent should do?” To which Cheyenne answered “Not let their little girl play jumprope in the driveway while there is clearly a massive gunfight going on well within eyesight/earshot of the house.”

She’s so practical. And, she seems to have developed a soft-spot in her heart for thugs–I don’t think she’s ready for mission work on the mean streets of Scranton or anything, but she’s definitely one step closer to working with me on my book–and this idea is solid gold, I know it–“If You Give a Thug A Bouquet”.

I’m still working on the title. Maybe I’ll have something official during this snowstorm we’re allegedly getting tonight.

But anyway. “Courageous”? If you haven’t seen it, please do. It’s definitely a Christian movie heavy on the Christian themes, but as I mentioned above, there’s gunfire, so that makes it awesome. It’s riveting, and touching, and it sure makes you think.

Great movie to watch while enjoying some Red Bartlett Pears.


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