A Face Only A Mother Could Love

Last week, Caleb and I took the family downtown OKC to meet up with a photographer friend of mine for a little Sunday-afternoon picture-taking action. She spent about an hour with the kids; we grabbed ice-cream on the way home and that was that.

I got my proofs back yesterday. And I know what I’m going to say in these next paragraphs is going to sound supa-vain, but…my son is beautiful.

No, he really, really is. My little boy–my cranio baby. The grumpy, rumple-faced looking kid with the protruding forehead has turned out to be one of the most gorgeous children I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and I’m of course not just saying that because he’s my son.

Along with Merrick’s diagnosis of craniosynostosis in 2008 came hours upon hours of online research–my first and foremost concern was getting Merrick’s skull nice and roomy for future brain growth. I was consumed with the fear of his upcoming surgery and I prayed that he would be strong enough at 4 months old to survive it. Anything after that was purely cosmetic…and yet, my second biggest worry was that he would look different for the rest of his life. I dwelled mostly on the before/after pictures of cranio babies, and, to me, though every one of those children had undergone rounds of extensive corrective surgery, they still had the cranio “look” years later.

What would this condition ultimately do to him? How would the surgery affect his life in years to come? Would people be able to tell? Would his head be misshapen or his face show hints of deformity? Would my son look normal enough to fit in? Would I look at him in 2, or 5, or 15 years, and feel pride–or pity–or sorrow? What kind of a mother was I, for caring so much about outward appearances? I would love–I did love–my son, no matter what he looked like; I’d go through hell and back if it meant keeping him happy and healthy.

Fast-foward almost 4 years later, and Merrick is not only happy and healthy, he’s rambunctious and hilarious, and entertaining and caring and sweet and brave and protective and scrappy; he’s been my little tough man from the moment he was born.

And I can say, with all the objectivity I can muster, that he’s breathtakingly handsome.

So you people forgive me if I am overly-delighted about the radiant beauty of all of my children. Their unique facial expressions, their mischievous little grins, their funny personalities and quirks–the rest of the world could find them hideous but I will look at them and my heart will always burst with pride.

Check out Michele Morgan Photography if you’re in the market for some family photos. She is an amazing picture-taker and kid-charmer. Can’t wait to get this finished product up on my wall!

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  • weezer1773

    I know how you feel. My daughter had Craniosynostosis as well. I must say she is now gorgeous. Maybe she should marry your son. LOL!

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