Productivity, Toni-Style

What? Oh, the stunning lack of groceries? Yeah…about that. Well, we were going to go–in fact, we were dressed and ready and I had my keys in hand and we were walking out the door–but then, I got this great idea and before I knew it, Merrick and I were tie-dying paper towels with food coloring, and eating popcorn.

And also, pretending to be Power Rangers.

It’s one of those days where no matter how hard I try…or don’t try…nothing of importance gets accomplished. I mean, aside from the fact that we now have a dazzling array of easter-colored paper towels dangling from the blind cords in the kitchen, it’s been a kick-back, get-in-trouble-for-doing-nothing kind of day.

And I care not.

I’m sooo tired. I have been struggling with my energy levels this week. My body goes into shock when it’s below 70 degrees outside. (I really believe that.) I’ve seriously considered dabbling in some 5-hour energy drinks. Or meth. I don’t know which would be more effective. I just cannot stay awake.

Thank God it’s Friday people. Thank God it’s Friday.

And now? I’m running late to pick up the kids. And then it’s off to the grocery store–I’m out of food coloring and paper towels.


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