Freak Out

I’ve been up all night having anxiety attacks like a mamma jamma. What gives? I can barely breathe. My heart is pounding. I keep swallowing. I’m freaking out, in my sleep even. I woke up every 10 minutes. Am I tired this morning? No! I’m wide awake and having a cow!

To distract myself, I will post about how fantastic my kids are. Our days have been crazy hectic and there’s an activity or five planned every afternoon. And because I’m so totally organized, dinners go something like this:

Me: “What does everyone want to eat?”

Mia: ” ‘My heart will go on, and onnnnnnnnn!’….Oh, what? Dinner? Hot dog, no bun please!”

Merrick: “Black olives and a plum!”

Cheyenne: “Can you make fettucine alfredo?”

I usually revolt and cook nothing, leaving everyone to eat…bunless hotdogs with black olives and plums. Cheyenne’s pretty much out of luck.

Girl wears me out lately. Where did the time go? I’m pretty sure last time I checked she was only in fourth grade. We’re working on getting her long-overdue learner’s permit (hence the anxiety attacks, probably) and colleges are already harrassing her. Won’t be long before she’s filling out applications for scholarships and taking campus tours. The thought boggles the mind.

Mia these days lives to be outdoors. It’s definitely springtime here which means she and Merrick are constantly running around in the backyard. It’s…pretty nice, I admit, because Merrick is at the age where he can kind of keep up. I don’t have to hold his hand and restrict his play to the backporch only.

This gives me the ability to work on paintings that I’m *hoping* to sell in April’s Dustbowl Arts Market. I should hear whether or not I got accepted by this Sunday. I’m only throwing up every other day from nervousness.

Now, if you’ll excuse me while I consult my brown paper bag.


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