Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My New-to-Me Car


I’ve wondered what I might say when the time finally came. Those of you who have been with me since the beginning have no doubt read hundreds of rantings about my car troubles, subtopics ranging from a non-working air conditioner to a non-working engine period. And now, our faithful little forest-green 1997 Saturn car with 260,000 miles +,  sits dead in our garage, past the point of revival. God rests its precious little soul forever. It lived a long good life.

My husband has been bringing home test drives every weekend, taunting us with Ford Focuses and SUVs, and finally, after months and weeks of comparing and contrasting and calculating and thinking it to death, we settled on a 2005 Kia Sorento with low miles and lots of awesome room, for activities.

How I love my new car. Let me count the ways:

  1. Air. Condition: Every summer has been rough, but the past one, with temperatures consistently reaching the 100-and-teens, was especially brutal. I’d forgotten what it’s like to press a button and get blasted by cool air. It is something I have never ever taken for granted, and I appreciate it all the more now.
  2. A CD player: it plays CDs. And while we’re on the subject of tunes, having a working radio is nice too.
  3. Seat heaters: Holy cow. Never before have I owned something so luxurious. I don’t know who invented it, nor do I actually care, but with seat heaters, you can bet that, in winter, summer, spring or fall, I will be stepping out of my car with–wait for it–a hot ass.
  4. The windows roll down: Such extravagance! Each and every window rolls up and down with the mere touch of a button. If I wanted to say, go through the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A, or stop at an ATM, I don’t have to open my door and stand up. It’s insanity.
  5. The windows are tinted: No longer will I have to stop singing at the top of my lungs at stop lights! No hushing my voice down to a bare whisper and singing out of the side of my mouth like some ventriloquist for fear of being seen and laughed at. I will sing. I will belt out obscure 80s tunes with reckless abandon. I will make music videos in the rear-view mirror. I will no longer feel shame in traffic, or in the pick-up line at school. And nobody can see me. They might hear me, but since I’m awesome, they’ll probably think there’s a rockstar behind those tinted windows.
  6. There’s a moon roof: which is so much cooler than a sunroof, if you ask me.
  7. Big giant trunk space: for hauling large canvases and tables and dogs.
  8. A luggage rack: Never again will we look a fool hauling a 10ft Christmas tree on top of an economy-sized car.
  9. It’s so outdoorsy: Just call me Sporty Spice. I might just keep a bunch of balls in the trunk in keeping with the image of the car, to tumble out whenever I open the door. It is the way of the SUV. Plus, I love that it’s green so that I will also appear to be eco-friendly. And geniuses pick green, you know, and since my last car was green also, my genius-ness is not a fluke.
  10. It starts: I saved the best for last. The engine chugs up with the mere turn of a key. The wheels turn forward with the slightest step on the gas pedal. It runs. Drives are quiet and uneventful. I don’t get stranded in parking lots or country roads. With any luck, I can count on arriving at my destinations catastrophe-free, and my friends will be glad to know that I have officially taken them off rescue-patrol. At least for the time being.

My husband spoils me. I feel so loved and taken-care-of, pampered even. Truly I would have been more than happy with a golf-cart as long as it got us from point A to point B. I even had Caleb looking into small cars with no extras: crank windows, manual locks. I cannot even begin to describe the sense of relief I feel knowing that I will be driving my kids around in something reliable and safe. I know cars aren’t everything, but I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

And here is a picture of what it looks like:


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