How It Went

The Rundown on the Dustbowl Arts Market is this: good times in a tent with my art and a faithful friend. Despite some disappointment on the sales front, it turned out to be a really good use of my time–got some exposure and an overall good response from the more artsy crowd of Norman, Oklahoma. Plus, the people watching was optimal, because? The artsy crowd of Norman, Oklahoma has some really creative ideas on how to dress for public outings. (Hint: I saw actual Roller Girls, complete with fishnet stockings and rollerblades.)

2 highlights of my day:

 1. In the early hours of the market when a dad and his kids bought the one painting I didn’t think I’d sell ever. They liked it–they really liked it.

2. In the last 10 minutes of the market when an old, old, man came up to me, asked if I was the artist of all the paintings (I said yes) and proceeded to tell me that I had a “beautiful spirit, just a beautiful, beautiful soul.” To that old man: I love you, please come live with me in my house.

Also worthy of mention are the multiple times little kids came into my tent just oohing and aahing over my brightly colored paintings. Apparently kids freaking love my stuff and it took all my strength not to just start giving art away to those admiring youngsters.

See parents? I say once again: Let the little children have cool rooms. Don’t plunk down $60 at Hobby Lobby on a framed print that everyone and their dog already has. Aren’t we sick of the ballerina-or-cowboy themes yet? Your kids like the multi-colored Robot paintings, and the one-of-a-kind creepy red dog. They want a giant purple peacock painting hanging over their bed. And the rainbow against a woodgrain background? Well that’s a downright neccessity.

My sweet husband Caleb spent the day on the go–after he helped me lug all my stuff into town and set up my tent, he dashed home and coached softball for 3 grueling hours. He then took the kids with him to do lawncare for a little old lady. He was dragging by 7:00 that evening when he showed up to help me tear-down, but he still had enough sense in him to suggest snagging pizza on the way home instead of trying to cook a meal.

And also he didn’t flinch when I told him I bought tshirts for everyone, and postcards, and meadow honey.

Let me tell you something else about that man: he’s reading “The Resolution” (how to be a Godly husband and father) for no reason that I can tell other than he just wants to rock his role even more than he already does. And there’s a word for that back where I come from: it’s called awesome.

So for all Caleb’s patience and support and encouragement and hard work and kindness, I just want to say thank you–to God, for putting this wonderful man in my life. I might not be the most successful artist, but I must be doing something right.


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