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2 words: Paddle boarding.

Best invention ever. I totally love it. I’m so getting one, and you guys will all see me tooling around on our mucky ponds before the end of the summer. Advantages: 1. It’s awesome. 2. A girl could get ripped and tanned. and 3. IT’S AWESOME.

Pensacola was amazing. Florida was amazing. The weather was perfect. We got to see almost all of our family members. We swam. We fished. We paddle-boarded in the bay. We saw stingrays and caught a crudton of giant hermit crabs. We played in rough waves. We had sandcastle contests. We ate seafood. We took in a Blue Wahoos game in the new baseball arena downtown. We checked out Bands on the Beach.

We bought stupid keychains, and touristy hats. Caleb cut his foot multiple times on whatever he happened to walk on every 5 seconds. We bought watershoes. We went through $1000 worth of sunscreen. My sister had a baby shower. I drank coffee on the back porch overlooking the bay. We had 2 nights in a row of hilarious board games with my husband, my daughter, my mom, my sisters, my brother-in-law.

And nobody got a ticket going through Gulf Breeze (that we know of).

Other fun times: Caleb and I decided to stop overnight in Slidell, LA and hit up a swamp tour before heading the rest of the way to Pensacola. Best decision ever. We all loved it. The swamp was so beautiful and calm and clean. We saw lots of big fat alligators. It was great.

Also, on our second night in FL, my niece and my son had a jumping-on-the-couch session that ended with a trip to the Gulf Breeze emergency room. 9 x-rays and a depleted health fund later, the docs decided Merrick’s arm was not broken–just sprained pretty badly. They gave him a sling (he wore it for approximately 25 seconds the next day) and enough lortab to make him stone-cold high. I must admit…it was pretty funny.

It was probably the most relaxing trip we’ve ever taken to Florida. Ever. And it was super hard to come back.

Mainly because the drive was unbearably long, due to Merrick’s efficient bladder. We got to pee in every single gas station bathroom from Oklahoma to Florida. So that’s exciting…

And also? Thank God for portable DVD players.

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