Well, here we are on Day 13 of the Advocare 24-Day Challenge.

And I have lost 9.5 lbs. Actually I’m just going to go ahead and call it an even 10 on account of descrepancies. I’m assuming nobody cares, but I’m promoting this anyway since it’s for real working for me.

Biggest accomplishment though? I have kicked coffee completely. And it wasn’t even hard. That’s saying a lot for someone who had a 6-or-7-or 10 cup-a-day habit.

I’ve got mad energy and I’ve been able to stick to a pretty clean-eating routine. Bunches of vegetables, fresh fruits for snacks. A certain amount of proteins, a certain amount of (a certain kind of) carbohydrates. I haven’t neccessarily felt cravings or hunger pains, but I have had impulses: you know, that urge you feel to grab a cookie or have a bite of ice cream for yourself as you’re handing everyone else their dessert. Old habits–DYING HARD.

I’m tempted to make my whole family snack on fruit, because I wouldn’t have even given the cookies a second thought if I hadn’t been the one to pull them out of the pantry.

I’m sorry; I love cookies.

So that’s where I’m at with the diet. Exercise-wise I’m doing just as well. Caleb and I officially began the Couch-to-5K program this week. I’ve felt better and better each day. Caleb is kicking my butt with the pushups and situps and weights and whatnot. He makes an annoying trainer but I know he’s doing it out of love. And it’s win-win since he’ll get a smokin’ hot wife out of the deal.


That is all.

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